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Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series 3 Brochure & Specs

B&w - bowers & wilkins floorstanding speaker owner's manual
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600 Series 3



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  Summary of Contents for Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series 3

  • Page 1 Design by Thomas Manns & Company. Printed in the UK. B&W Loudspeakers (Asia) Ltd B&W Loudspeakers Ltd reserve the right to amend T +852 2 790 8903 details of the specifications without notice in line E with technical developments. 600 Series 3...
  • Page 2 The 601s from Series 1 and Series 2 were voted Speaker of the Year by What Hi-Fi magazine in 1996 and 1999 respectively. Today, that inheritance of affordable technical superiority and exceptional design is embodied in the 600 Series 3.
  • Page 3 Nautilus ™ Tweeter Nautilus ™ emerged from B&W’s University Within every 600 Series 3 cabinet is one of of Sound R&D facility after five years’ these: a Nautilus ™ -derived, tube-loaded tweeter. painstaking development. Briefed to stop at One of many breakthroughs made by Nautilus ™...
  • Page 4 (For less ‘boom’ in resonant For the 600 Series 3, we have made a rooms, foam inserts are available with every new selection of capacitors. We won’t try and model for plugging the port tubes and explain it scientifically –...
  • Page 5 The comprehensive range of loudspeakers in the 600 Series 3 - small bookshelf units to large floor-standers, dedicated centre speakers and subwoofers - offers numerous alternative combinations for settings from the large, open room to the typical smaller living room.
  • Page 6 Large, spacious rooms demand a powerful set-up. Here, at centre, is our larger dedicated Home Cinema speaker, the LCR600 S3. Flanking it left and right are two floor-standing DM603 S3s, while a pair of smaller DM601 S3s provide surround sound. A larger subwoofer, either the ASW650 or the ASW675, provides the appropriate support for deep, powerful bass.
  • Page 7 When it comes to clarity, control and the reproduction of subtle, low-level detail in audio material, the 600 Series 3 has no rival in its class. Everything that makes it such a strong contender in the creation of a home cinema set-up also applies to its use in a conventional hi-fi setting.
  • Page 8 Should floorstanders eventually take their place for stereo, the 600 Series 3 bookshelf units can be retained as surround speakers to kick-start a high quality home cinema system.
  • Page 9 Finishes At B&W, we take as much pride in what is on our speakers as in what comes out of them. In creating the third edition of the 600 Series, we have paid special attention to cabinet design, with the aim of offering alternatives that will complement the surroundings in your home.
  • Page 10 Primarily a small surround speaker in home cinema installations, the DM600 S3 can double as a high-performance compact hi-fi speaker. A keyhole and two rubber feet on the back of the unit allow for easy, rattle-free on-wall mounting. The more powerful DM601 S3 and DM602 S3 offer stand- or shelf-mounting options.
  • Page 11 Floorstanders The dynamic range and extra clarity generated by B&W’s advanced audio technologies across the 600 Series 3 receive their fullest expression in the powerful floorstander speakers, which can be employed either as front speakers in larger home cinema installations or as part of a high performance hi-fi system.
  • Page 12 DM602.5 S3 DM603 S3 Technical features Nautilus ™ tweeter Nautilus ™ tweeter Woven Kevlar ® brand fibre cone Woven Kevlar ® brand fibre cone Flowport bass/midrange Aluminium cone bass driver Flowport Description 2-way vented-box system ⁄ -way vented-box system Drive units 1x ø25mm (1 in) alloy dome high-frequency 1x ø25mm (1 in) alloy dome high-frequency 1x ø165mm (6.5 in) woven Kevlar...
  • Page 13 Left Centre Right Flexibility is a must in selecting and positioning speakers to form a home cinema system. The 600 Series 3 accommodates all settings and needs. Our two dedicated centre-channel monitors are both designed to relay clean, crisp dialogue, but magnetic-shielding also...
  • Page 14 Subwoofers The 600 Series 3 includes a choice of three ded- point at which cabinets simply become too icated subwoofer speakers, each one tailored bulky and obtrusive for domestic settings. to the bass power handling requirements of The ASW675 packs the punch of a larger different home cinema applications.