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last time will be a little longer. In the extreme hot room temperature, ice-making time maybe
vary a lot, but it will not exceed 35 minutes.
If you think the ice cube is not thick enough, during ice making,press the <+> and <-> to
set the ice making lead time. Press one time and the ice making cycle will increase or
reduce one min, 6min most. This can only start from the new cycle.
4. When Ice Full symbol<
start working again.
If press the button <ON/OFF> more than 5s,when the ice maker is working, the unit will start
harvest. Press button<ON/OFF>,the unit will turn off.
Timer setting. Unit on timer setting,When the unit is working, timer setting the unit off.Unit off
timer setting,When the unit is off,timer the unit on.
Press the <TIMER>button,the display will show<1H>,and then press<+> and <-> to set the
time.During the setting, the H is flash,after 5s,the H will keep on and unit will in your Timer
5. Water Drain: take off the drain plug cap on the back of unit,take out the silicon
plug, then drain the water inside.
It is better that exchange water every 24hours,and clean unit every 3days.
A. make sure the water tank ,water filter and the water separator pipe is not blocked, clean them
B. The water temp will effect the ice making capacity.The lower temp,the more ice cubes will produce.
C. The cooler ambient temp, the more ice
D. always use good quality water to make sure the pump work well.Bad quality water will cause
pump noise,but doesn't effect the unit working.
E. The compressor will restart 3mins later if you turn off the unit.
> is on, the unit will stop, take out the ice cube inside, the unit will
cubes will produce.

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