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1. If the water separator pipe is blocked and there is no water flowing down when you listen the
compressor and the water pump inside are still working, please turn off the unit first and
disassemble this pipe down, and clean it. Clean the each hole on the pipe wall displayed in
following picture. After cleaning, install back the water separator pipe and be sure the right
terminal of the pipe connect to the silicone pipe well and as original.
2. For both of the water tank and the big water reservoir, clean them with diluted detergent,
warm water and a soft cloth. Then use the water to rinse the inside, and drain out the water
from the draining port by unplugging the drain cap on the back. It will help you keep the unit
and ice-cube hygienicly, and also make the unit work normally.
3. When cleaning, if find that the ice cube left on the evaporator and can not be taken out easily,
you can turn on the unit to let the unit enter the ice making process, then press "ON/OFF"
button for more than 5 seconds to let the unit start ice harvest process to melt the ice cube.It
will help you remove the hard ice cube.
How to drain out the water from the internal tank and big water reservoir
Because the water in the big water reservoir is stop to drain port by the water valve, if you want
to drain away all the water, please plug in the unit but don't start the unit, then remove the drain
port cap at the back. Wait 3-5minutes, all of the water will flow out.
Water Separator Pipe

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