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Yamaha CBX-K1 Owner's Manual: The Cbx-k1 - What It Is And What It Can Do

Yamaha mini keyboard owner's manual cbx-k1.
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The CBX-K1 — What It Is and What It Can Do
What It Is
The CBX-K1 is a compact, highly portable 37-key MIDI
keyboard, designed especially for use with computers and
MIDI music systems. The CBX-K1 does not generate any
sound itself, but can be used as a keyboard controller for
playing sounds on a connected tone generator or rhythm
machine. It's also ideal for recording to sequencers and
computers. The keyboard is touch-sensitive and its octave
range can be changed to cover the full 128-note MIDI
The true power and flexibility of the CBX-K1 is in its
comprehensive MIDI controls. The CBX-K1 allows you to
send virtually any type of MIDI message to connected
MIDI devices. Pre-programmed commands provide easy
control of basic sequencer/rhythm machine functions such
as Start, Stop, Tempo and Song Select, while comprehen-
sive program change commands let you easily select
program banks and voices.
Most importantly, though, the CBX-K1 has an ASSIGN-
ABLE Wheel that can be set for control of any controller
number. This means that you can use the ASSIGNABLE
Wheel to control a wide variety of parameters on your
connected tone generator — such as Volume, Pan, Bright-
ness, and the Depth of various effects — in real time. This
gives you expressive control over different aspects of the
sound in live performance.
The CBX-K1 is also the latest instrument in the Yamaha
line to support the XG format, a new addition to the
General MIDI standard. In short, XG provides for more
instrument sounds and variations, and greater expressive
control over voices and effects. With the use of the
ASSIGNABLE Wheel on the CBX-K1, you have direct
real-time control over many of these newly supported
functions and parameters.
What It Can Do
Here are a few application ideas on how you can use the
CBX-K1. The list below is not comprehensive, but is
meant to be a general guide to the possibilities and provide
a starting point or springboard for your own creative ideas
and explorations.
Using With a MIDI Tone Generator
In one of the most basic setups, you can play a connected
tone generator from the CBX-K1. Because it's so compact
and portable, you can even use it as a hand-held keyboard
for live performance.
Using as a Second Keyboard or Dedicated
MIDI Controller
The CBX-K1 is small enough to fit on top of nearly any
keyboard, making it perfect as a second keyboard. Since
the CBX-K1 has a MIDI IN terminal, you can connect it
between your main keyboard and your tone generator, and
use the extensive MIDI capabilities of the CBX-K1 for
greater expressive control during your performance.
Using in a MIDI Music System
Combined with a laptop computer and a compact tone
generator (like the General MIDI/XG-compatible Yamaha
MU80), the CBX-K1 gives you comprehensive music
making power — for recording, composing, arranging,
practicing, and editing — in a portable system that's ready
to go wherever you go. The CBX-K1 is an ideal addition
to larger MIDI studios as well, since it provides far greater
MIDI control and flexibility than nearly any other keyboard
controller. Use it along side your main MIDI keyboard as a
kind of MIDI Swiss army knife — sending necessary MIDI
messages, working the real-time controllers, or editing
already recorded sequencer tracks.
Since it's portable and compatible with the General MIDI
and XG formats, the CBX-K1 is a natural for multimedia
applications. Because of its ease of use and comprehensive
functions, it's the only keyboard you'll ever need for
recording and editing MIDI data on your multimedia


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