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Yamaha CBX-K1 Owner's Manual: Setting Up Your Cbx-k1; What You'll Need; Setup Examples

Yamaha mini keyboard owner's manual cbx-k1.
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When using your CBX-K1 for the first time, read through this short section
of the manual. It guides you step-by-step in using many of the basic opera-
tions: setting the instrument up, connecting it properly to other equipment,
and — most importantly — playing it.

Setting Up Your CBX-K1

In this introductory section, you'll learn how to set up the
CBX-K1 for use in your music system. A variety of setups
are covered here; read through the one that most closely
matches your own setup.
What You'll Need
Since the CBX-K1 is strictly a MIDI controller and does
not generate any sound by itself, you'll need other data-
receiving and sound-producing equipment. Basically, you
will need:
* The CBX-K1 and an optional PA-3 or PA-1B AC power
adaptor (or a set of batteries).
* A MIDI device (such as a tone generator, keyboard or
computer) which can receive and play back MIDI data,
and at least one MIDI cable.
* (Optional) An amplifier/speaker system, preferably
stereo, with proper audio connecting cables. Alter-
nately, you can use a set of stereo headphones.
Setup Examples
The setup examples below show only the MIDI
connections. The audio connections would vary
according to the particular equipment you use. Refer
to the owner's manuals of your other equipment for
audio connection instructions.
With Computer and Tone Generator
In the small MIDI system below, the CBX-K1 is connected
to a computer and a single tone generator. With the proper
sequencing software on the computer, the CBX-K1 can be
used both for recording performance data to the computer
and playing the sounds of the connected tone generator.
You can also conveniently use the CBX-K1 to start and
stop the sequencer.
Guided Tour
For tone generators with a built-in MIDI interface (such as
the Yamaha MU80)
For tone generators without a built-in MIDI interface


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