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Yamaha CBX-K1 Owner's Manual: Using The Cbx-k1 - Basic Operations; Playing The Keyboard And Other Operations

Yamaha mini keyboard owner's manual cbx-k1.
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Using the CBX-K1 — Basic Operations
Though the CBX-K1 has many sophisticated functions, it is
very easy to use. All available functions can be controlled
or executed by using the basic operations described in this
section. (For details on individual functions, see pages 18-
The illustration below shows how to use the basic real-time controls of the CBX-K1.
Changing Voices (Program Change Up/Down)
You can easily step up or down through the voices
(program numbers) on the connected MIDI device.
To do this, hold down C and press
M (to advance one program number), or
press N (to go back one program number).
The LEDs quickly flash on and off when a program
number message is sent. Release C to play the new
When the CBX-K1 is turned on, the starting point for
program change is 0. This means that when you first
hold down C and press M, program
number 1 will be selected.

Playing the Keyboard and Other Operations

This introductory section assumes that the
MIDI transmit channel of the CBX-K1 and the MIDI
receive channel of the connected device match. When
the CBX-K1 is turned on, the MIDI transmit channel is
automatically set to 1. For the sake of the following
sections, set the MIDI receive channel of the connected
device to 1 (or Omni).
Always release C before playing the
CBX-K1 keyboard. Holding down C accesses
the secondary or "hidden" functions, and you may
inadvertently execute one of these functions by playing
the keyboard while continuing to hold down C .
This function does not "wrap around." In
other words, you cannot go back to program number
127 when at 0, or advance to program number 0 when
at 127.


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