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Panasonic ER-VW Instruction Manual

Panasonic ER-VW Instruction Manual

Static remover ionizer, thin type
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Static Remover
Thank you very much for using Panasonic products.
Please read this Instruction Manual carefully and thoroughly for the correct and
optimum use of this product. Kindly keep this manual in a convenient place for
quick reference.
Never use this product with a device for personnel protection.
In case of using devices for personnel protection,use products which meet laws
or standards,such as OSHA ,ANSI or IEC etc.,for personnel protection applicable
in each region or country.
Do not use this product near or around surroundings containing any dangerous
materials, such as combustible material and flammable material.
Dust gathers on and around the discharge needle, and inside the nozzle depending on
the environment.
Be sure to clean up the discharge needle, periodically once a week or so, or this product
will be unable to exert the charge removal performance, which may also cause ignition or
product malfunction. However, when using this product in the environment exposed to
too much dust, be sure to clean up the discharge needle frequently.
Be sure to ground the main body of this product via ground terminal to ensure
electric shock prevention and reliable charge removal.
Since the discharge needle is live with high voltage, never touch the discharge
needle, or an electric shock may result.
If this product is used in an airtight room, ozone emitted from this product may be detrimental.
Therefore, in order for this product to be used in an airtight room, be sure to keep the room ventilated.
Since the ion air contains ozone, do not aim this product at anyone.
When loosening the nozzles for aligning the blowing air or maintenance, be sure to
stop applying air. Otherwise, the discharge needle may be flu out by air pressure.
Furthermore, after the work, screw up the nozzles by hand till they touch the main
body. Insufficient tightening may affect the charge removal capability or drop the
Since the tip of the discharge needle is pointed, take sufficient care in handling
the discharge needle, or injuries may result.
This product is a corona discharge type electrostatic charge removal device.
The nozzle angle adjustable structure enables aligning the ionized air to desired area.
The check function which a considerable abrasion or dirt on the discharge needle
is notified via the output signal and the indicator is incorporated.
The air monitor function detects whether the air is supplied to this product or not.
When the air is not supplied, a corona discharge is stopped.
Make sure to use the DC power supply insulated by an isolation transformer etc.
for this product. If an auto-transformer etc. (single winding transformer) is used,
this product or the power supply may get damaged due to short-circuit.
When using as a CSA and UL compliant product, use a CLASS 2 CSA/UL certified
power supply, or a CSA/UL certified power supply that has been evaluated as a
Limited Power Source as specified in CAN/CSA-C22.2NO.60950-1/UL60950-1.
This product has been developed / produced for industrial use only.
Do not use this product beyond its rated specifications. Doing so can cause product breakdown
or damage. Furthermore, it may also cause a considerable reduction in product life.
Never disassemble, repair, modify, or misuse this product, as it can cause accident or
Do not throw this product in fire. There is a danger of it exploding, or generating poisonous gas.
Since this product emits ozone into the atmosphere, circulate the air if it is
foul-smelling. If ozone stays for long period, metals etc. may oxidize / decay.
Further, do not try to confirm the foul-smelling ozone by drawing your face near
the nozzle outlet. There is a danger of hurting your nose, throat, etc.
Do not use this product in steamy or dusty places and in places where water
splashes or spatter flies when welding.
Avoid use at an elevation higher than 2000m, and outdoor use.
Make sure that the power supply is off while wiring and inspection. Otherwise,
there is a danger of accident, electric shock or malfunction.
Do not use during the initial transient time (0.5 sec.) after the power supply is switched on.
Verify that the supply voltage variation is within the rating.
Do not turn the power back on immediately after it has been turned off,wait at
least 1 seconds before turning the power back on again.
If power is supplied from a commercial switching regulator, ensure that the frame
ground (F.G.) terminal of the power supply is connected to an actual ground.
In case a surge is generated in the used power supply, connect a surge absorber
to the supply and absorb the surge.
Do not run the wires together with high-voltage lines or power lines or put them in
the same raceway. This can cause malfunction due to induction.
After connecting the cables,check that the connections are correct before turning on the
power. If the cables are connected incorrectly,operating problems or accidents may occur.
Use air (dried clean air) for the fluid. Fluid other than air (dried clean air) or that
containing corrosive gas may cause accident or malfunction.
Do not use air containing foreign particles, such as, carbon dust or dust, water or
oil. Since those may cause electric shock or malfunction, take appropriate
measures, such as, installing an air-filter or an air-drier, etc.
Do not use this product for a purpose other than charge removal.
Do not block the air blowing outlet. Ozone is filled in the air, causing accident or
malfunction. (The air monitoring function detects by a falling of the applied air pressure.
Thus, if the air blowing outlet is blocked, the discharge is not halted by detection.)
Extension up to total 10m is possible with 0.15mm
order to reduce noise, make the wiring as short as possible.
When this product is no longer usable or required, carry out the appropriate
disposal process meant for industrial waste.
Ionizer・Thin type
CMJE-ERVW No.0053-74V
, or more, cable. However, in
Model No.
Charge removal time
Ion balance
Ozone generation
Applicable fluid
Supplied air flow
Air pressure range
Power supply voltage
Current consumption
Discharge method
Discharge output voltage
NPN open-collector transistor
Check output (CHECK)
・Maximum sink current: 50mA
Error output (ERROR)
・Applied voltage: 30V DC or less (between output terminal and 0V)
Discharge state output (DSC)
・Residual voltage: 1V or less (at 50mA sink current)
(Note 4)
Check output (CHECK)
Error output (ERROR)
Output operation
Discharge state output (DSC)
(Note 4)
Short-circuit protection
Discharge halt input
(DSC OFF) (Note 4)
In the state that operation is stopped due to an error detection, open
Reset input
0V of the power supply from short-circuit state to cancel ERROR.
Power (POWER)
Green LED (Lights up when the power is ON)
Discharge (DSC) (Note 4)
Green LED (Lights up when discharging)
Air monitor (AIR) (Note 5)
Orange LED (Lights up when air is not supplied)
Check (CHECK)
Orange LED (Lights up when a dirt or wear etc. of the discharge needle is detected)
Error (ERROR)
Red LED (Lights up when error in discharge is detected)
Pollution level
Over-voltage category
Ambient temperature
0 to +55℃ (No dew condensation), Storage: -10 to +65℃
Ambient humidity
Operating altitude
I/O connector
For power supply / I/O: 8-way connector, For connection: 9-way connector
No. of series connection
Maximum connectable number: 5 units (including this unit)
Enclosure earthing method
Enclosure: ABS (Nickel plated), Nozzle mounting part: Stainless steel, Screw
mounting part: Stainless steel, Nozzle: Stainless steel, Discharge needle: Tungsten
Connection cable: 1 pc. (cable length 0.5m)
End connector (9-way): 1 pc., Lead wire for F.G. connection: 1 pc.
A typical sample (measured on a sample left in the atmosphere at a relative humidity of 65%
RH for 24 hours) applied with a supply voltage of 24V, a distance of 100mm from the front
surface of the airflow inlet and a pressure of 0.25MPa.
A typical sample applied with a supply voltage of 24V, a distance of 300mm from the front
surface of the air flow inlet and a pressure of 0.25MPa.
The dried clean air is dried (dew point: equivalent of -20℃) and filtered (mesh-size:
equivalent of 0.01μm) air.
'DSC' stands for 'DISCHARGE'.
Discharge is stopped when the indicator lights up.
Do not use or store the device in an environment where the air pressure is higher than the
atmospheric pressure at an altitude of 0 meters.
● Optional
・ AC adapter
Model No.
IN: 100 to 120V AC, 50/60Hz, 40VA
OUT: 24V DC, 750mA
(Accessory: Conversion connector)
・ Discharge needle set (2 pcs./set)
Model No.
Unit with a tungsten needle
When this product is mounted on to a surface, use
M4 pan-head screw (please arrange separately).
The tightening torque should be 0.5N・m or less.
Be sure to ground the F.G. terminal. If the grounding is not
proper, the charge removal capability deteriorates
considerably. (Direct earth or power supply common earth)
The power supply common earth can also be connected with the accessory lead wire for F.G.connection.
0V earth: Connect No. 2 and No. 3 of the end connector (9-way) with the lead wire for F.G.connection.
+V earth: Connect No. 1 and No. 3 of the end connector (9-way) with the lead wire for F.G.connection.
Wrong wiring of the grounding causes accident or malfunction. Check the grounding condition
to be used beforehand and take care not to short-circuit the power supply when wiring.
If AC adapter is used, be sure to connect the F.G. terminal to the power supply common earth. For details of
wiring, refer to the instruction manual enclosed with the AC adapter for ER-VW series (ER-VAPS1-W).
Screwing the nozzle down.
Aim the nozzle to the object being charged.
After aligning, tighten the nozzle by hand till it touches the
main body and confirm that the nozzle doesn't move.
If the nozzle is not tightened enough, the charge removal
capability may deteriorate or the nozzle may drop.
The adjustable range of the nozzle is shown in the right figure.
The air tube to be attached to the air inlet of this product should be the outer
diameter φ6mm / internal diameterφ4mm.
Supply dried clean air to this product. (Air dryer: dew point -20℃ equivalent, Air
filter: mesh size 0.01μm equivalent)
Since air pressure drops depending on the length of the air tube from the air supply
source or adding the pneumatic equipments (needle valve, speed-controler or
mini-filter etc.), take care that the air pressure of the supplied air to the product is
maintained. (The applied pressure should be checked around the air inlet of each
unit.) Furthermore, choose the appropriate pneumatic equipments in terms of air flow.
Thin-type ionizer
1 sec. or less (1,000V→100V) (Note 1)
±10V or less (Note 1)
0.05ppm or less (Note 2)
Air (dried clean air) (Note 3)
60 /min (ANR) or less
0.05 to 0.5MPa
24V DC±10%
120mA or less
High frequency AC method
2,000V approx.
: ON when a dirt or wear etc. of the discharge needle is
detected, OFF when operating correctly
: OFF when error in discharge is detected, ON
during normal operation
: ON during discharge operation, OFF when dis-
charge operation is stopped
Discharge halt: short-circuit with 0V
Discharge allowed (operation start): Open
35 to 65% RH, Storage: 35 to 65% RH
2,000m or less (Note 6)
C (capacitor) earth
110g approx.
・ Connection cable
Model No.
Cable length 2m
Cable length 5m
Cable length 9m
・ Series connection set
Model No.
Series connection cable (Cable
length 0.8m), Air inlet fitting
M4 pan-head screw
Please arrange



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