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Nokia HA-140W-B Admin Manual page 21

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Nokia HA-140W-B admin manual
Image 23. Port forwarding rule confirmation
Similarly, ports on WAN and LAN side can be kept the same (see image 24). Image 24 shows the second
way things can be configured. It's up to you whether you prefer to use the methods in image 22 or image
Image 24. Alternative approach of configuring port forwarding (LAN and WAN ports are the same)
Please also note that ports TCP 8080 and 443 should never be used on WAN, as these ports are
reserved for Hyperoptic Ltd. remote management. If you'd like to use these ports on your server in a
LAN, then you can use different ports on WAN as shown in Image 22 (e.g. you can use ports on WAN
12000, 12001 and map them to LAN ports 8080, 443 respectively).
A list of commonly used ports can be seen in image 25. For additional information on TCP/UDP port
numbers, please refer to

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents