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Usb Storage (Admin Account) - Nokia HA-140W-B Admin Manual

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Nokia HA-140W-B admin manual

USB storage (admin account)

You can access USB flash storage from a LAN client and from the internet side (through WAN interface).
To grant access to a USB flash drive, log into your router (page 2) and go to Application > USB. Tick Enable
FTP Server to allow access from LAN clients. Set FTP password and username in appropriate fields. To
allow access from the internet side, tick Enable SFTP Server and Enable SFTP for Remote Access. Set
appropriate password and username for SFTP service. Click Save (see image 19).
Image 19. Enabling FTP access to USB flash
Access to USB flash drive from LAN can be seen in image 20. FTP communicates over TCP port 21.
Image 20. Access to USB flash drive via FileZilla client app (from LAN)

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents