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Port Forwarding (Admin Account) - Nokia HA-140W-B Admin Manual

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Nokia HA-140W-B admin manual

Port forwarding (admin account)

Port forwarding can be used to establish a home-based FTP server, web server or similar kind of a server.
The server is located on the LAN client (e.g. desktop computer or laptop). To set Port forwarding, log into
your router (page 2) and go to Application > Port Forwarding. See image 22.
Image 22. Port forwarding configured with port mapping (WAN port maps to LAN port)
To set a specific port forwarding rule, select Custom settings for Application Name line. In the WAN Port
field, set an arbitrary port on WAN interface of a router (e.g. TCP port 12001). All requests coming to the
server from the internet side will have a destination IP address of the router itself, and a destination port
as listed in WAN Port fields. For LAN port fields, list the port on which the LAN client server app is running
(in this case TCP port 8008). Select the appropriate LAN client (server machine) from the dropdown menu
on Internal Client. Protocol is determined by the type of server application (in this case TCP). Tick Enable
Mapping and click Add to save the rule. Once rule is saved, you'll see the confirmation (see image 23).

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents