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Storing Food - LG GK-B405PL Owner's Manual

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Storing Food

Storing Foods Effectively
• Store frozen food or refrigerated food inside
sealed containers.
• Check the expiration date and label (storage
instructions) before storing food in the
• Do not store food for a long period of time
(more than four weeks) if it spoils easily at a
low temperature.
• Place the refrigerated food or frozen food in
each fridge or freezer compartment
immediately after purchasing.
• Avoid refreezing any food which has been
completely thawed. Freezing any food which
has been completely thawed again will lower
its taste and nutrition.
• Do not wrap and store vegetables with
newspaper. Printing material of newspaper or
other foreign substances may smear and
contaminate food.
• Do not overfill the appliance. Fill less than 70%
of the space. Cold air can not circulate properly
if the appliance is overfilled.
• Cool hot food before storing. If too much hot
food is placed inside, the internal temperature
of the appliance can increase and negatively
affect other foods stored in the appliance.
• If you set an excessively low temperature for
food, it may become frozen. Do not set a
temperature lower than the required
temperature for the food to be stored correctly.
• Always keep the appliance clean.
• If there are chill compartments in the appliance,
do not store vegetables and fruits with higher
moisture content in the chill compartments as
they may freeze due to the lower temperature.
• In the event of a blackout, call the electricity
company and ask how long it is going to last.
− You should avoid door openings while the
power is off.
− When the power supply gets back to normal,
check the condition of the food.
Maximum Storage
• To get better air circulation, insert all Kimchi
Storage Containers.
• If large quantities of food are to be stored, all
the Kimchi storage containers and Flip-up
covers shall be taken out of the appliance and
the food shall be stacked directly on the freezer
shelves in the freezer compartment.
• The shape of each container may be different,
insert in the right position.
Food Storage Tips
• Storing Vegetables and Fruit
The moisture left on vegetables after washing
can make them spoil faster. Wait to wash
vegetables until just before use. Leafy greens
like kale or lettuce have a limited storage life.
Wrap them in newspaper or in sealed
containers to help them stay fresh longer.
• Do not store tropical fruits in the refrigerator.
Bananas or uncut pineapples are damaged by
cold temperatures.
• To store dried seafood, select "Produce" for the
middle compartment and adjust the storage
temperature to "low".
• Store vegetables or fruit in the designated
containers to prevent them from freezing in the
middle or lower compartment.
• Store rice or grain in the bottom compartment
using the Rice/Grain setting.
• To avoid freezing vegetables, do not store them
using the Storage setting on the bottom
• To avoid freezing kimchi, do not store it using
the Meat/Fish setting on the middle



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