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Whirlpool FT9901 User Manual page 11

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curtains near to the openings of the fan. They could be
entangled into the fan, causing damaged or injuries.
• Do not use the fan when the cord or plug damaged, fan
blade fallen or any other damages.
• Periodically check the power cord of this fan. If the
power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer, its a�er-sales service or a similar qualified
person in order to avoid a danger.
• Do not use this fan outside; it is for indoor use only.
• Do not use this fan in a damp area such as bathroom.
• Do not use this fan near a window and under direct
• Do not use this fan with any semi-conductors speed
• The fan should not be operated without a base nor used
when �pping over.
• Do not operate the fan in an area where gasoline is used
or stocked, pain�ng or such flammable liquids.
• Unplug the unit before serving or moving, including for
cleaning purpose.
• Always unplug it when not in use.
• Use this fan only as it is described in this manual.
• Do not try to disassemble this fan; there are not any
parts that could eventually be repaired by the user. If
you need maintenance, please send the fan back to the
• Keep the fan clean and maintain in good condi�on (use
an authorized service agent).
• This appliance is not intended for use by persons



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