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Whirlpool FT9901 User Manual page 17

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• SWING: Press "Swing" bu�on to turn on the
oscilla�on func�on. Press again to cancel.
• Manual Louver: Adjust the ver�cal louver manually
for upward and downward airflow.
3. LED display shows the current room temperature. LED
display light can be dimmed a�er 1 minute without
any control.
4. Under standby mode, all func�ons have memory
except �mer and sleep mode.
Cleaning and Maintenance:
If the dust or dirt accumulated on the front grid cover
and wind wheel of the fan, the performance of air-out
would be afffected, it is suggested to clean the fan once
per month.
• Always unplug the fan before cleaning, doing
maintenance work or moving the machine.
• Unplug the unit and wait un�l the fan stop running
before cleaning.
• Use a damp cloth to clean the surface of the fan.
• To clean the wind wheel, take out and install the wind
wheel in a right way according to below Disassembling
& Installa�on instruc�ons for wind wheel. You can
clean the wind wheel in the water. Do not use any
chemicals or other solvents to clean the wind wheel.



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