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Whirlpool FT9901 User Manual page 19

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Safeguarding the Environment:
• Scrapping Packaging
1. The packaging can be 100% recycled as confirmed by
the recycling symbol
packaging must not be dispersed in the environment,
but must be scrapped inline with local authority
2. For more detailed informa�on on handling and
recycling of this product and its' packaging, contact
your local authori�es who deal with the separate
collec�on of rubbish or the shop where you bought
the appliance.
• Scrapping Appliance
3. This appliance has been made of recyclable or
re-usable material. Scrapping must be carried out in
compliance with local waste disposal regula�ons.
Before scrapping it, make sure to cut off the mains
cord so that the appliance cannot be re-used.
4. The symbol
accompanying the product indicates that this
appliance should not be treated as household waste,
but must be given to the appropriate local gathering
place where electric and electronic appliances are
stored and recycled.
5. The ba�eries in remote controller must be recycled
or disposed of properly. Please discard the ba�eries
as sorted municipal waste at the accessible collec�on
. The various parts of the
on the product or on the documents



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