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Whirlpool FT9901 User Manual page 15

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Opera�ng Instruc�ons:
Touch screen control has been used for all func�ons.
1. When plug in, the Bi Bi sound alerts, then the fan will
enter into standby mode.
2. Press the func�on bu�ons on the Touch-control panel
as below:
• POWER: Turn the fan on by pressing the "On/Off"
bu�on, the fan enters to 6th sense. Press again to
turn it off and the fan enters into Standby mode.
Unplug the power cord to turn off the fan
Remark: It is recommended to unplug the power
when not using the machine to prolong its life
• SPEED: Press the "Speed" bu�on to adjust the fan
speed to a desired level: Hi, Mid, Low. The LED
indicator will change accordingly, Hi (
), Low (
Remark: When low speed is selected, the motor
will start at mid fan speed for few seconds and
then operate at low speed.
• MODE: Press "Mode" bu�on to change the fan
mode: Normal, Natural, Sleep, 6 sense and
Air-condi�on mate mode. The LED indicator will
change accordingly, Natural (
sense (
Natural Mode: Fan speed will fluctuate
), Air-condi�on mate (
), Mid
), Sleep (
), 6



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