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Washer Use; Understanding Washer Cycles; Loading; Normal Sounds - Whirlpool GCAM2792LQ0 Use And Care Manual

Whirlpool commercial washers use & care guide
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Understanding Washer Cycles

When the Cycle Control knob is set to a number and pulled out,
the washer fills (to the selected load size) before agitation and
timing start. The washer begins agitating immediately after filling;
agitation occurs with the washer lid up or down.
During agitation, the agitator creates a continuous rollover action
(on some models) that provides a thorough cleaning of the wash
After agitation starts, the Cycle Control knob turns clockwise until
it points to an OFF area and the cycle ends.
NOTE: The washer pauses briefly throughout each cycle. These
pauses are normal for washer operation.
1. Fill
2. Wash
selected time
3. Drain
No agitation
4. Spin
The Permanent Press cycle
partially drains, fills, agitates
briefly, and drains.
1. Fill
2. Rinse
3. Drain
No agitation
4. Spin-Spray rinse
5. Spin
6. Off


Loading suggestions
For these suggested full-sized loads, set the LOAD SIZE selector
to the highest load size setting.
Heavy Work Clothes
3 pair pants
3 shirts
4 pair jeans
3 camisoles
1 quilted robe
4 slips
10 bath towels
10 hand towels
Mixed Load
3 double sheets
4 pillowcases
8 T-shirts
6 pair shorts

Normal Sounds

Your new washer may make sounds your old one didn't. Because
the sounds might be unfamiliar, you may be concerned about
them. These sounds are normal.
During washing
When you select a small load size setting, your washer has a
lower water level. This can cause a clicking sound from the upper
part of the agitator.
During drain
If water is drained quickly from your washer (depending on your
installation), you may hear air being pulled through the pump
during the end of draining.
After drain and before spin
When the cycle changes from draining to spinning, you may hear
gears engaging.
1 coverall
1 overall
6 undergarments
2 sets of sleepwear
1 child's outfit
14 wash cloths
1 bath mat
2 shirts
2 blouses
8 handkerchiefs



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