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Whirlpool TF 4600 Series Use & Care Manual

Whirlpool compactor use & care guide tu 4100, tf 4600, tu 8100
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TU 4100 Series
TF 4600 Series
(built-in model)
and (free standing model)
ru 8100
(built-in model)



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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool TF 4600 Series

  • Page 1 TU 4100 Series TF 4600 Series Series ru 8100 (built-in model) and (free standing model) (built-in model) (shown)
  • Page 2: Safety First

    Contents Safety First ., Installation Safety Before You Use Your Compactor. Parts and Features Using Your Compactor. How the compactor works Safety First Read all instructions before using your compactor. CAUTION: Do not let children operate or play with your compactor. Anything will be crushed or compacted.
  • Page 3 Compactor TF/TU Model Series Air Freshener Compartment Bag Retainers Reversible Lever-Action Lock “Touch-Toe Dar” Drawer Opener Adjustable Toe Plate , Copy your Model and Serial Numbers here... When YOU with a question, have need servrce or call this information ready: 1.
  • Page 4: Using Your Compactor

    Using Your Compactor 1. Open the drawer. LIH and pull the handle or press the Touch-Toe Bar to open the drawer. 2. Put in the trash. Load almost any kind of trash. Wrap or cover wet or messy trash. Load bottles or cans on their sides In the center of the drawer DANGER: DO NOT compact container or aerosol cans which might contain insecticide, hair spray,...
  • Page 5 Drawer Monitor Switch senses a “mislead:‘ and WIII cause the ram to return to the “up” posltron without compactrng. Load bulky trash, bottles and cans In the center of the drawer. :::: 2::: TF 4600/TU 4100 Model Series Put “adjustable” air freshener in compartment Adjust according to directions...
  • Page 6: Removing A Filled Bag

    TF 4600/TU 4100 Model Series Pull all four bag cuffs Tuck in sloned sides Bring top edges together and fold to close bag.- Push side-lock lever down and tilt drawer side open.
  • Page 7: Installing A New Bag

    Tuck cuffs behind bag retainers as shown. Press inside of bag against drawer bottom, sides and corners for smooth fit. TF 4600/TU 4100 Model Series Put unopened bag in drawer as shown. Spread front bag corners and slide cuff over right-front corner.
  • Page 8: Caring For Your Compactor

    Caring for Your Compactor As is true of most appliances, proper care is needed to give you continued satisfaction. Before cleaning the compactor, turn the key knob to the OFF position Clean exterior surfaces Wipe with warm, sudsy water and a damp cloth.
  • Page 9 Use warm sudsy water to remove foods. Rinse, Dry with soft cloth. for cleaning (TF 4600/TU 4100 Model Series) Grasp the drawer on the sides Pull it out the rest of the way. Set it down gently.
  • Page 10: Changing Your Compactor's Colour

    Changing Your Compactor’s Colour The colour panel on the front of your compactor’s drawer reverses to another colour. To change the colour of your compactor’s front panel, follow the directions below. All you need is a medium-sized screwdriver. Slide drawer out. Remove two screws shown.
  • Page 11 2. Contact your nearest lnglis Factory Direct Serv- ice Branch, listed in the Yellow Pages. 3. If you move... To make sure that your Whirlpool appliance is cor- rectly installed and to ensure its continued satisfac- tory operation, please telephone your nearest lnglis...
  • Page 12 Ontario L5N 3A7 Part No. 4152836 WASTE COMPACTOR Distributed by: lnglis Limited, 1901 Minnesota Court, Mississauga, Branches across Canada Trademark II- Canada, Used by Aulhorty Canadian Trademark Owner, WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION. U.S.A. service Printed in U.S.A...

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