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Whirlpool TC4700X Series Use & Care Manual

Whirlpool compactors use & care guide
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Drawer handle
Bag retainers
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drawer opener
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Use & Cire Guide
TC8700X TC8750X TC4700X TU4700X
Part No. 9870335 Rev. B 6/94


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool TC4700X Series

  • Page 1 Drawer handle Bag retainers Reversible handle \ Side-lock latch q “Touch-toe bar” drawer opener Adjustable toe plate ,\ COMPACTORS MODEL SERIES TC8700X TC8750X TC4700X TU4700X Part No. 9870335 Rev. B 6/94 Appliances On-off key-switch (TC87OOrTC8750 WieS) (TC8700flC8750 series) Drawer monitol switct...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Whirlpool Compactor Warranty ... . 16 01992 Whirlpool Corporation Thank you for buying a Whirlpool appliance. Please complete and mail the Owner Registra- tion Card provided with this product. Then complete the form below.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons when using your compactor, including Read all instructions before using the compactor. Close supervision of children is necessary when the compactor is used near children. Do not allow compactor to be used as a toy, or to run unattended...
  • Page 4: Using Your Compactor

    Using Your Compactor Key-knob -switch The drawings in this book may vary slightly from your compactor model. They are designed to show the different features of all the models covered by this book. NOTE: Your model may not include all the features shown.
  • Page 5 To stop the compactor 1. Turn the Key-Knob to LOCK/OFF. 2. Turn the Key-Knob to ON. The compacting ram will rise. 3. When the ram stops rising, you can open the drawer. To remove the Key-Knob 1. Turn the Key-Knob to the LOCK/OFF position. 2.
  • Page 6: Removing A Filled Bag

    Using Your Compactor Continued Removing a filled bag When the trash is compacted to the top of the drawer, remove the bag. If the bag is too heavy, compact less trash before emptying in the future. Personal Injury Hazard Sharp objects may protrude through after removal from compactor.
  • Page 7 6. Lift bag by bag carrier handles. If your compactor has bag retainer buttons and you are using plastic compactor bags: 1. Pull the drawer completely open. 2. Remove top of bag from bag retainer buttons. Pull up all 4 bag cuffs. 3.
  • Page 8: Installing A New Bag

    Compactor bags may be purchased from your Whirlpool Appliance Dealer or: Whirlpool Corporation Attention: Customer Service Dept. 1900 Whirlpool Drive LaPotte, IN 46350 You may also order approved compactor bags by calling our TOLL-FREE telephone number: 1-800-253-l 301...
  • Page 9 4. Press inside of bag against drawer bottom, sides and corners for a smooth fit. If your compactor has bag retainer buttons and you are using plastic compactor bags: 1. Fit the bag caddy in the drawer. 2. Place folded bag into the drawer. Open bag and pull top edges over the drawer top.
  • Page 10: How Your Compactor Works

    How Your Compactor Works The compacting ram does not go to the drawer bottom. You will not see compacting of the first few loadings. Compaction starts after the drawer is about % full. You may hear a noise when glass breaks. Strong glass bottles may not break at all.
  • Page 11: Caring For Your Compactor

    Caring For Your Compactor Personal Injury Hazard Wear protective gloves when cleaning inside of the compactor. Failure to do so may result in cuts if bits of broken glass are present. As is true of most appliances, proper care is needed to give you continued satisfaction.
  • Page 12 Caring For Your Compactor Continued Clean inside the cabinet: 1. Wear protective gloves. There may be bits of glass in the cabinet. 2. Pull the drawer out until it stops. 3. Note the tracks in which the drawer rollers move. 4.
  • Page 13: Changing Your Compactor's Color

    You may also be able to order an extra color panel, depending on the model you have. Contact your authorized Whirlpool dealer. To change the color of your compactor’s panel, follow the directions below. All you need is a medium-sized screwdriver.
  • Page 14: If You Need Service Or Assistance

    3. If you need service* model product warranty and provide after-warranty service, anywhere in the United States. To locate the authorized Whirlpool service company in your area, call our Consumer Assistance Center telephone number (see Step 2) or look in your model telephone directory Yellow Pages under: .
  • Page 15 Whirlpool appliance. To locate FSP replacement parts in your area, refer to Step 3 above or call the Whirlpool Consumer Assistance Center number in Step 2. 5. If you are not satisfied with how the problem was solved’...
  • Page 16: Whirlpool Compactor Warranty

    Outside the United States, a different warranty may apply. For details, please contact your authorized Whirlpool distributor or military exchange. If you need service, first see the “Service and Assistance” section of this book. After checking “Service and Assistance,”...

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