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Operation - Bosch W11B Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Gas instantaneous water heater
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Turn on all gas and water taps
Purge air from pipes
Insert two 1.5 V type R 20 batteries
in battery compartment
Switching on/off
Press "
" switch to switch
appliance on/off
Starting up
Low water temperature
High water temperature
Safety precautions for use of batteries:
- Do not dispose of batteries with normal
household waste, take them to a recycling
site instead.
- Do not re-use worn out batteries.
- Use only batteries of the specified type
Lower output
Higher output
Green LED off = Main burner off
Green LED on = Main burner on
- On (I)
- Off (0)
Temperature adjustment
Turning control anti-clockwise
increases water flow rate and
reduces water temperature
Turning control clockwise
reduces water flow rate and
increases water temperature
If the red LED starts flashing,
replace batteries
Fig. 6

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