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Whirlpool 2201959 Use & Care Manual

Top-mount refrigerator


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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Home Appliances Top-Mount Refrigerator Uso Y Cuidado Refrigerador Congelador Arriba Table of Contents ...2 Contenido ...26 2201959...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Food Storage Guide ...21 If You Need Assistance or Service ...23 Warranty ...24 OTE TO Page Thank you for buying a WHIRLPOOL appliance. The Whirlpool Brand is committed to designing quality products that consistently perform for you to make your life easier. To...
  • Page 3: Refrigerator Safety

    EFRIGERATOR OUR SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF OTHERS IS VERY IMPORTANT We have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your appliance. Always read and obey all safety messages. This is the safety alert symbol. This symbol alerts you to hazards that can kill or hurt you and others. All safety messages will be preceded by the safety alert symbol and the word “DANGER”...
  • Page 4: Proper Disposal Of Your Old Refrigerator

    ROPER DISPOSAL OF YOUR OLD REFRIGERATOR wWARNING Suffocation Hazard Remove doors from your old refrigerator. Failure to do so can result in death or brain damage. IMPORTANT: Child entrapment and suffocation are not problems of the past. Junked or abandoned refrigerators are still dangerous...
  • Page 5: Parts And Features

    ARTS AND EATURES This section contains captioned illustrations of your appliance. Use them to become familiar with where all parts and features are located and what they look like. Ice cube trays Ice bin (on some models) Temperature Control Model and serial number label (on side wall)
  • Page 6: Installing Your Refrigerator

    NSTALLING EFRIGERATOR It is important to prepare your refrigerator for use. This section tells you how to clean it, install it, connect it to a power source, and level it. NPACKING YOUR REFRIGERATOR wWARNING Excessive Weight Hazard Use two or more people to move and install refrigerator.
  • Page 7: Electrical Requirements

    LECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS wWARNING Electrical Shock Hazard Plug into a grounded (earthed) outlet. Do not remove ground prong. Do not use an adapter. Do not use an extension cord. Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, fire, or electrical shock. Before you move your refrigerator into its final location, it is important to make sure you have the proper electrical connection.
  • Page 8: Door Closing And Alignment

    OOR CLOSING AND ALIGNMENT Door Closing Your refrigerator has 2 front adjustable rollers - one on the right and one on the left. If your refrigerator seems unsteady or you want the doors to close easier, adjust the refrigerator’s tilt using the instructions below: 1.
  • Page 9: Using Your Refrigerator

    SING ETTING THE CONTROL The control for the refrigerator and freezer is located in the top of the refrigerator section. It controls the temperature in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments. When you first install your refrigerator, set the Temperature Control to 3 (normal). Temperature Control adjustments range from 1 (warmest) to 5 (coldest).
  • Page 10: Ensuring Proper Air Circulation

    NSURING PROPER AIR CIRCULATION In order to ensure proper temperatures, you need to permit air flow between the two sections. As shown in the illustration, cool air enters through the bottom of the freezer section (1) and moves up. Most of the air then flows through the freezer section vents (2) and recirculates under the freezer floor (3).
  • Page 11: Adjusting The Refrigerator Shelves

    DJUSTING THE REFRIGERATOR SHELVES To remove the shelves: 1. Remove items from the shelf. 2. Slide shelf straight out to the stop. 3. Depending on your model, lift the back or front of the shelf over the stop. 4. Slide shelf out the rest of the way. EMOVING THE CRISPER To remove the crisper(s): 1.
  • Page 12: Removing The Meat Drawer And Cover

    EMOVING THE MEAT DRAWER AND COVER (on some models) To remove the meat drawer: 1. Slide meat drawer out to the stop. 2. Lift front of meat drawer. 3. Slide meat drawer out the rest of the way. 4. Replace in reverse order. Style 1 To remove the cover: 1.
  • Page 13: Adjusting The Freezer Shelf

    DJUSTING THE FREEZER SHELF (on some models) To remove the shelf: 1. Remove items from the shelf. 2. Lift back of shelf over stop. 3. Slide shelf straight out. HANGING THE LIGHT BULB To change the refrigerator light: 1. Unplug refrigerator or disconnect power. 2.
  • Page 14: Reversing The Door Swing

    EVERSING THE DOOR SWING SUGGESTION: Reversing the door swing should be performed by a qualified person. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: • Before you begin, turn refrigerator OFF, unplug it, and remove any food from door shelves. • When removing hinges, keep doors closed until ready to lift free from cabinet.
  • Page 15 Reversing the door swing (cont.) Reversing the handles Screws (A) Plugs Top endcap Stick-on shim (on some models) Stick-on shim (on some models) Bottom endcap Screws (A) Screws Plug Top endcap Plug Stick-on shim (on some models) Bottom Endcap Stick-on shim Screw (B) Screw cover Plug...
  • Page 16: Understanding The Sounds You May Hear

    NDERSTANDING THE SOUNDS YOU MAY HEAR Your new refrigerator may make sounds that your old one didn’t. Because the sounds are new to you, you might be con- cerned about them. Don’t be. Most of the new sounds are normal. Hard surfaces like the floor, walls, and cabinets can make the sounds seem louder.
  • Page 17: Caring For Your Refrigerator

    ARING FOR Your refrigerator is built to give you many years of dependable service. However, there are a few things you can do to help extend its product life. This section tells you how to clean your refrigerator and what to do when going on vacation, moving, or during a power outage.
  • Page 18 PART WHAT TO USE Door liners Sponge, soft cloth, and gaskets or paper towel with mild detergent and warm water Plastic parts Soft, clean sponge (covers and or soft, clean cloth panels) with mild detergent and warm water Defrost pan Sponge or cloth (behind with mild detergent...
  • Page 19: Holiday And Moving Care

    OLIDAY AND MOVING CARE Holidays If you choose to leave the refrigerator on while you’re away, use these steps to prepare your refrigerator before you leave. 1. Use up any perishables and freeze other items. 2. If your refrigerator has an automatic ice maker: •...
  • Page 20: Power Interruptions

    OWER INTERRUPTIONS If the electricity in your house goes off, call the power company and ask how long it will be off. 1. If the power will be out for 24 hours or less, keep both doors closed to help foods stay cold and frozen.
  • Page 21: Food Storage Guide

    TORAGE TORING FRESH FOOD Wrap or store food in the refrigerator in airtight and moisture-proof material unless otherwise noted. This prevents food odor and taste transfer throughout the refrigerator. For dated products, check code date to ensure freshness. Butter or margarine Keep opened butter in covered dish or closed compartment.
  • Page 22 TORING FROZEN FOOD The freezer section is designed for storing commercially frozen food and for freezing food at home. NOTE: For further information about preparing food for freezing or food storage times, check a freezer guide or reliable cookbook. Packaging Successful freezing depends on the correct packaging.
  • Page 23: If You Need Assistance Or Service

    Look for quality replacement parts whenev- er you need a replacement part for your Whirlpool appliance. To locate replacement parts in your area, contact the dealer from whom you pur- chased the unit or a Whirlpool designated service company. ERVICE … †...
  • Page 24: Warranty

    E. Any food loss due to product failure. F. Repairs to parts or systems resulting from unauthorized modifications made to the appliance. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Outside the United States, a different warranty may apply. For details, please contact your authorized Whirlpool dealer.

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