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The Oven Vent - Whirlpool FGS387Y Important Safety Instructions Manual

Whirlpool fgs387y gas range user guide
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To start
now and
stop automatically:
1. Position
the oven rack(s) properly and place
the food in the oven.
2. Push in and turn the Stop Time Knob clockwise
to the time you want the oven to shut off. Make
sure the Start Time Knob is not pushed in.
3. Set the Oven Selector to TIME BAKE.
4. Push in and turn the Oven Temperature
Control to the baking/roasting
5. After baking/roasting
is done or to cancel
the setting
at any time, turn both the Oven
Selector and the Oven Temperature
Control to
To avoid sickness
and food waste when
using the MEALTIMER"
Do not let most UNFROZEN food stand for
more than two hours before cooking starts.
Do not allow food to remain in oven for
more than two hours after the end of
cooking cycle.
NOTE: Do not use foods that will spoil while
waiting for cooking to start. Such foods are: dishes
with milk or eggs, cream soups, and cooked meats
or fish. Also, foods containing baking powder or
yeast will not rise properly when cooked using
delay start.
The oven vent
Hot air and moisture escape from the oven through
a vent located in the lower part of backguard. The
vent is needed for air circulation. Do not block the
vent. Poor baking/roasting
will resuft.
NOTE: Never store plastics, paper or other items
that could melt or burn near the oven vent, or any
of the surface burners.
Burn Hazard
When the oven is ON, pans and pan handles
left near the oven vent can become hot
enough to burn the user and to melt plastics.
Use potholders to move pans.



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