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9Etting The Clock; Using The Minute Timer - Whirlpool FGS387Y Important Safety Instructions Manual

Whirlpool fgs387y gas range user guide
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the clock
Push in and turn the Minute Timer Knob to set
the clock.
1. Push in Minute Timer Knob and turn
until clock shows the correct time
of day.
2. Let the Minute Timer Knob pop out. Turn
clockwise until Minute Timer hand points to
OFF. The clock setting
will change if you
push In the knob when turning.
the Minute
The Minute Timer does not start or stop the oven.
It works like a kitchen timer. Set it in minutes up
to an hour. You will hear a buzzer when the set
time is up.
NOTE: Do not push in the knob when setting
the Minute Timer or when stopping the buzzer.
Pushing in and turning the Minute Timer Knob
changes the clock setting.
1. Without
it in, turn the Minute Timer
Knob counterclockwise
until the timer hand
passes the setting you want.
2. Without
it in, turn the knob back to
the setting you want.
When the time is up, a buzzer will sound.
To stop the buzzer, turn the Minute Timer
hand to OFF.



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