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Whirlpool FGS385V Care Manual

Whirlpool range fgs385v, fgs395v use and care guide
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Care Guide
you for choosing
Roper appliance.
This Use and Care Guide will help you
operate and maintain your new, quality-
built Roper range. Keep this Use and
Care Guide in a safe place for future
and mail the
This card enters your warranty into our
warranty system that insures efficient
claim processing, can be used as a proof
of purchase for insurance claims and
helps Roper to contact you immediately
in the unlikely event of a product-safety
Please remember
It is your responsibility
your range:
be sure that
Because this Use and Care
Guide covers more than one model,
not all illustrations
shown or features
discussed may apply to your specific
1 Has been properly installed where
it is protected from the elements,
and on a floor strong enough to
support its weight, (See the
1 Is not used by anyone unable to
operate it properly.
. Is properly maintained.
1 Is used only for jobs expected of a
home range.
Is secured by properly installed
anti-tip bracket(s), with rear
leveling leg(s) positioned under
Setting the clock
Using the electronic Minute Timer-
Using the Set/Cancel button
Using the oven
The oven vent



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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool FGS385V

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Is secured by properly installed anti-tip bracket(s), with rear leveling leg(s) positioned under bracket(s). Ui6R%d ROPER Appliances FGS385V FGS395V Because this Use and Care NOTE: Guide covers more than one model, not all illustrations shown or features discussed may apply to your specific model.
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions -2

    Important Safety Instructions Gas ranges have been thoroughly tested for safe and efficient operation. However, as with any appliance, there are specific installation and safety precautions which must be followed to ensure safe and satisfactory operation. To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, injury to persons, or damage when using the range, follow basic precautions, DO NOT STORE OR USE GASOLINE THE VICINITY...
  • Page 3: Parts And Features

    19. Use care when opening oven door. Let hot air or steam escape before removing or replacing food. Parts & Features Models FGS385V & FGS395V (shown) Oven vent \ Surface burners -I Surface burner grates + Model and serial...
  • Page 4: Using Your Range

    Using Your Range Models FGS385V & FGS395V (shown) Surface burner marker Left front Left rear control knob control knob Using the surface burners --I- and turn Control knobs must be pushed in, then turned to the LITE position. The clicking sound is the ignition sparking.
  • Page 5 Time/Temp Set Knob Once you’ve pushed a command button to tell the oven what you want it to do, you’ll use the Time/Temp Set Knob to set a temperature or time. Turning the Time/Temp Set Knob clockwise increases the number on the display. Turning the Time/Temp Set Knob counterclockwise decreases the number...
  • Page 6 Broiling 1. Position the racks before turning the oven on. Refer to broiling chart below for recommended rack positions and broiling times. 2. Push the Broil button.“---” will show in the small display and the BROIL indicator will come on. 3.
  • Page 7: Using The Electronic Oven Control

    Using the electronic oven control The electronic oven control will turn the oven on and off at times you set...even when you are not around. Automatic baking is ideal for foods which do not require a preheated oven, such as meats and casseroles. Do not use the automatic cycle for cakes, cookies, etc...undercooking will result.
  • Page 8: The Storage Drawer

    Hot air and moisture escape from the oven through a vent located under the backguard. The vent is needed for air circulation. Do not block the vent. Poor baking will result. Burn Hazard When the oven is ON, pans and pan handles left near the oven vent can become hot enough to burn the user and to melt plastics.
  • Page 9: Caring For Your Range I

    Caring For Your Range Burn, Electrical Shock, Fire And Explosion Hazard . Make sure all controls are OFF and the range is cool before cleaning. 1 Do not use oven cleaners, bleach or rust removers. 1 Do not use gasoline or other flammable liquids or vapors to clean this or any other appliance.
  • Page 10: Using The Self-Cleaning Cycle

    Using the Self-Cleaning cycle The Self-Cleaning cycle uses very high heat to burn away soil. Before you start, make sure you understand exactly how to use the Self-Cleaning cycle safely. Before you start Hand clean frame Hand clean door around edge I Do not hand clean seal 1.
  • Page 11 Setting the controls 1. Make sure the Clock is set to the right time of day. (See “Setting the clock” on page 5.) 2. Move the Lock Lever all the way to the right - the Clean position. Push the Clean button. A 3-hour Self-Cleaning cycle will be set automatically.
  • Page 12: Cleaning Chart

    Cleaning chart Make sure all controls are OFF and the range is cool before cleaning. Failure to do so can result in bums or electrical shock. PART Exterior surfaces Narm, soapy water and a soft 210th. Non-abrasive plastic scouring pad for heavily-soiled ireas.
  • Page 13: The Oven Light

    The oven light The oven light will come on when you push the Oven Light Switch on the control panel. Push the switch again to turn off the light. Electrical Shock And Personal Injury Hazard m Make sure oven and light bulb are cool and power to the oven has been turned off before replacing the light bulb.
  • Page 14: Before You Call For Service

    Before You Call For Service If you are having an operating problem, check the chart to see what the cause might be before you call for assistance. OPERATING PROBLEM Nothing operates. Oven will not operate. Burner fails to light. Burner flames are uneven. Burner flames lift off ports, are yellow, or are noisy when turned off.
  • Page 15 OPERATING PROBLEM Control knob(s) will not . You pushed in knob(s) before trying to turn. If the Self-Cleaning cycle . The clock shows the right time of day. will not operate. . The Lock Lever is all the way to the .
  • Page 16: How To Get Service Or Assistance

    E. Any labor costs during the limited warranties. This Roper appliance is warranted by Whirlpool Corporation, Under no circumstances shall it be liable under this warranty for incidental or consequential damages and all implied warranties are limited to the same time periods stated in the express warranties for Roper Brand Appliances.

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