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Installation Instructions; Prepare Built-In Oven; Remove Oven Door; Remove Oven Trim - Whirlpool RBS277PV Installation Instructions Manual

27" (68.6 cm) and 30" (76.2 cm) electric single and double built-in oven
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Models rated from 7.3 to 9.6 kW at 240 volts (5.5 to 7.2 kW
at 208 volts) require a separate 40-amp circuit. Models rated
at 7.2 kW and below at 240 volts (5.4 kW and below at
208 volts) require a separate 30-amp circuit.
A circuit breaker is recommended.
Connect directly to the circuit breaker box (or fused
disconnect) through flexible, armored or nonmetallic
sheathed, copper cable (with grounding wire). See "Make
Electrical Connection" section.
Flexible conduit from the oven should be connected directly to
the junction box.

Prepare Built-In Oven

1. Decide on the final location for the oven. Locate existing
wiring to avoid drilling into or severing wiring during
Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and install oven.
Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.
2. To avoid floor damage, set the oven onto cardboard prior to
installation. Do not use handle or any portion of the front
frame for lifting.
3. Remove the shipping materials and tape from the oven.
4. Remove the hardware package from inside the bag containing
5. Remove and set aside racks and other parts from inside the
6. Move oven and cardboard close to the oven's final location.

Remove Oven Door

IMPORTANT: Use both hands to remove oven door(s).
1. Open the oven door.
2. Locate the oven door latches in both corners of the oven door,
and rotate the latches forward to the unlocked position.
A. Oven door latch in locked


B. Oven door latch in unlocked
Do not cut the conduit. The length of conduit provided is for
serviceability of the oven.
A UL listed or CSA approved conduit connector must be
If the house has aluminum wiring, follow the procedure below:
1. Connect a section of solid copper wire to the pigtail
2. Connect the aluminum wiring to the added section of
copper wire using special connectors and/or tools
designed and UL listed for joining copper to aluminum.
Follow the electrical connector manufacturer's recommended
procedure. Aluminum/copper connection must conform with
local codes and industry accepted wiring practices.
3. Grasp the edges of the oven door with both hands and close
the oven door until it will no longer close. Lift and pull oven
door toward you and remove. Set the oven door(s) aside on a
covered work surface.

Remove Oven Trim

1. Side trims are located on the right side of the oven. Cut the
cable tie and remove side trims.
2. Remove the cable tie from the side of the oven.
NOTE: Screws for attaching side trims (after oven is installed in
cabinet) are in a screw bag inside the package containing

Make Electrical Connection

Disconnect power before servicing.
Use 8 gauge solid copper wire.
Electrically ground oven.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death,
fire, or electrical shock.
This oven is manufactured with a neutral (white) power supply
wire and a cabinet-connected green (or bare) ground wire twisted
1. Disconnect power.
2. Feed the flexible conduit from the oven through the opening in
the cabinet.
Electrical Shock Hazard


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