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Electrical Safety - Black & Decker HST1500 Original Instructions Manual

Hand steamer


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Additional safety instructions for hand
Warning! Do not place near a hot Gas or electric oven.
Always route the cord carefully to avoid a tripping
Do not place the appliance near heat sources or directly
under cabinets. Do not use the appliance in the
presence of explosive or flammable materials.
The filling aperture must not be opened during use.
Surfaces may be hot during use and during the cool
down period.
Let the appliance cool down before leaving it unattended
and before cleaning or inspecting any parts of the
Wait until the appliance has cooled down before
emptying the water tank as the water may still be hot.
Do not immerse the appliance, cored set or plug in
Always disconnect the appliance from the supply before
filling, emptying, cleaning, or carrying out any
maintenance on the appliance.
This product is designed to remove creases from fabrics
using heat & steam and is not to be used for any other
The appliance must not be left unattended while it is
connected to the supply mains
The plug must be removed from the socket-outlet before
the water reservoir is filled with water.
The hand steamer is not to be used if it has been
dropped, if there are visible signs of damage or if it is
Do not use any additives in the water tank.
Care should be taken when using the appliance due to
the emission of steam.

Electrical safety

Before use, check that the mains voltage corresponds to the
voltage on the rating plate.
This product must be earthed. Always check
that the mains voltage corresponds to the
voltage on the rating plate
Appliance plugs must match the outlet. Never modify the
plug in any way.
Do not use any adapter plugs with earthed (Class 1)
appliances. Unmodified plugs and matching outlets will
reduce the risk of electric shock.
To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not immerse the
cord, plug or motor unit in water or other liquid.
(Original instructions)
Extension cables & class 1 product
Labels on Appliance
The following pictograms along with the date code are shown
on the tool:
1. Stainless steel panel
2. Steam head
3. Upper cover
4. Power button
5. Indicator light
6. Handle
7. Cord guard
8. Handle cover
9. Steam trigger
10. Water tank
11. Fabric brush
12. Bottle connector
13. Water inlet cover
Before first use
Warning! To avoid an electrical circuit overload, it is
recommended that no other appliances are plugged into the
same circuit as your garment steamer when it is in use.
Note: when unpacking the garment steamer, check to see
you have received all the items listed in the parts list, before
discarding the packaging.
A 3 core cable must be used as your tool is earthed and
of class 1 construction.
Up to 30m (100 ft) can be used without loss of power.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer or an authorised BLACK+DECKER Service
Centre in order to avoid a hazard.
Warning! Hot surface.
Remove any sticker or protective cover from the steam
Unwind and straighten the cord before use.
When operating the garment steamer for the first time,
allow it to steam for a few minutes. This will remove any
impurities and odours that might have been left by the
manufacturing process.
When operating the garment steamer for the first time,
you may want to try the steamer on an old piece of fabric
before steaming your garment.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents