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Mounting Wiring Subbase; Relay Module And Subbase Compatiblity - Honeywell 7800 Series Installation Instructions Manual

Valve proving primary relay modules
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Table of Contents
Electrical Shock Hazard.
Can cause serious injury, death or equipment
Disconnect power supply before beginning
installation. More than one disconnect may be
1. Wiring connections for the relay modules are
unique; refer to Figs. 4 and 5 or the appropriate
Specifications for proper subbase wiring.
2. Wiring must comply with all applicable codes,
ordinances and regulations.
3. Wiring must comply with NEC Class 1 (Line Volt-
age) wiring.
4. Loads connected to the RM7898 must not exceed
those listed on the RM7898 label or the Specifica-
tions; see Table 4.
5. Limits and interlocks must be rated to simultane-
ously carry and break current to the ignition trans-
former, pilot valve, and main fuel valve(s).
6. All external timers must be listed or
component-recognized by authorities who have
proper jurisdiction.
7. For on-off gas-fired systems, some authorities
who have jurisdiction prohibit the wiring of any
limit or operating contacts in series between the
flame safeguard control and the main fuel valve(s).
8. Two flame detectors can be connected in parallel
with the exception of Flame Detectors C7015,
C7915, C7927,C7961 and C7962.
9. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate
radio frequency energy and, if not installed and
used in accordance with the instructions, can
cause interference with radio communications. It
has been tested and found to comply with the
limits for a Class B computing device of Part 15 of
FCC rules, which are designed to provide
reasonable protection against such interference
when operated in a commercial environment.
Operation of this equipment in a residential area
may cause interference, in which case, the users,
at their own expense, may be required to take
whatever measures are required to correct this
10. This digital apparatus does not exceed the Class B
limits for radio noise for digital apparatus set out
in the Radio Interference Regulations of the Cana-
dian Department of Communications.
Install the relay module where the relative humidity never
reaches the saturation point. The relay module is designed
to operate in a maximum 85% relative humidity
continuous, noncondensing, moisture environment.
Condensing moisture can cause a safety shutdown.
Do not install the relay module where it can be subjected
to vibration in excess of 0.5G continuous maximum
The relay module is not designed to be weather tight.
When installed outdoors, protect the relay module in an
approved weather-tight enclosure.

Mounting Wiring Subbase

1. Mount the subbase in any position except
horizontally with the bifurcated contacts pointing
down. The standard vertical position is
recommended. Any other position decreases the
maximum ambient temperature rating.
2. Select a location on a wall, burner or electrical panel.
The Q7800 can be mounted directly in the control
cabinet. Be sure to allow adequate clearance for
service, installation, access or removal of the
RM7898 Expanded Annunciator, Keyboard Display
Module, Flame Amplifier, Flame Amplifier Signal
Voltage Probes, run/test switch, electrical signal
voltage probes and electrical field connections.
3. For surface mounting, use the back of the subbase
as a template to mark the four screw locations. Then
drill the pilot holes.
4. Securely mount the subbase using four no. 6 screws
(not provided).
NOTE: You might receive an error code 101 (via KDM) if
one of the following conditions exist:
a. The screws securing the relay to the subbase are
not tight enough, re-tighten to insure there is no
gap between the relay and the subbase.
b. If you attempt to place a 2000 series relay on a
non-compatible 1000 series subbase, this indi-
cates that you must:
• Change out the subbase to a Q7800A2003/U
or Q7800A2005/U
• Choose a compatible 1000 series relay
modulebase to a Q7800A2003/U or
Relay Module and Subbase
NOTE: There are several different subbase models that
can be purchased. It is important to note which
subbase is compatible with the relay module
when purchasing new, repair or replacement
Series 1000 Relay Modules
All relay product codes that start with a 1 (example:
RM7840G1014/U) can be used with existing subbase
Q7800A1003/U and Q7800A1005/U.
Series 2000 Relay Modules
All relay product codes that start with a 2 (example:
RM7840G2014/U) must be used with subbase
Q7800A2003/U and Q7800A2005/U.

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Table of Contents