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Reversing The Door - LG GC-151SNA Manual

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Your refrigerator is designed with a reversible door so it may open from either the left or the right.
It is best to reposition the door hinge as necessary at the outset since it is inconvenient to do so
To change the door hinge, please refer to the diagram below and proceed as follows.
1. Remove all loose fittings from inside the appliance.
2. Carefully lay the appliance on its back on the original packing (You will need assistance to
achieve this). Take care not to damage the pipework by keeping it clear of the floor.
3. Unscrew and remove the Adjustable Foot (A).
4. Remove the Lower Hinge (D) by unscrewing the 2 Bolts (B).
5. Remove the Leg (H) by unscrewing the bolt attaching it (C).
6. Gently pull the door downwards to remove it.
7. Before refitting the door, swap the Hinge Cap (F) by prying it from its current location and
repositioning it on the other side of the door. Care should be taken not to damage the adjacent
surfaces when removing the Hinge Cap.
8. Unscrew the Upper Hinge pin (G) and screw it into the opposite side hole in the top of the cabinet.
9. Now secure the Lower Hinge (D) to the cabinet using the 2 Bolts (B).
10. Replace the Adjustable Foot (A), setting it at approximately 20 mm. (13/16")
11. Carefully stand the appliance up, (you will need assistance to do this,) and position it in its
permanent location.
12. Check that the door opens and closes easily. Ensure that the door seal does not bind on the
hinge side creating gaps which would allow air into the interior. Adjust the hinges if necessary.
This appliance should be stood on a firm, level floor with sufficient space for free airflow around
it. (At least 10 mm all round and, subject to location, 20 mm (13/16") beneath the worksurface).
Avoid positions close to walls or corners. There must be sufficient room for free ventilation,
particularly at the back. The unit should be located away from direct heat sources, such as
cookers, radiators, and direct sunlight. If the unit is positioned where the temperature is too low,
condensation will form on the outside of the cabinet. Normal room temperature is recommended.
Avoid locations which may be affected by drafts or dampness, as this will impair the efficiency of
the product.



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