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Assembly - Husqvarna W520i Operator's Manual

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Table of Contents
• Only charge the battery
indoors in a room with good
airflow and away from
sunlight. Do not charge the
battery in wet conditions.
Safety instructions for
WARNING: Read the
warning instructions that
follow before you use the
• Remove the safety key before
you do maintenance on the
• Do the maintenance work
correctly to increase the
lifetime of the product and
decrease the risk of accidents.
Let an approved service agent
do the professional repairs.
Speak to your nearest service
agent for more information.
• Only do the maintenance work
written in this operator's
safety chapter before you assemble the
To install and remove the multi battery
1. Remove the 4 rubber covers and the 4 screws from
the motor cover. (Fig. 22)


Read and understand the
• Put on heavy duty gloves
when you use the cutting
equipment. The blade is very
sharp and cuts can easily
• Keep the cutting edges sharp
and clean for the best and
safest performance.
• Let your service agent
regularly examine the product
and make necessary
adjustments and repairs.
• Replace damaged, worn or
broken parts.
• Obey the instructions for how
to change accessories. Only
use accessories from the
• When not in operation, keep
the product, battery and
battery charger apart in a dry,
indoor and locked area. Make
sure that children and persons
that are not approved cannot
get access to the product,
battery or battery charger.
2. Put the adapter plate onto the motor cover.
3. Attach the adapter plate with the 4 supplied screws
to a torque of 5-6 Nm. (Fig. 23)
4. Open the battery hatch.
5. Remove the battery in slot 1. (Fig. 24)
6. Remove the seal stop. (Fig. 25)
7. Push the battery adapter into the battery
compartment until you hear a click. (Fig. 26)
8. Put the cord of the battery adapter through the seal
stop hole. Attach the cord with the clip. (Fig. 27)
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Table of Contents

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