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Troubleshooting - Husqvarna W520i Operator's Manual

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Table of Contents
4. Examine the motor shaft to make sure that it is not
5. When you attach the new blade, make sure that the
bent ends point in the direction of the cutting cover.
(Fig. 60)
6. Put the friction washer and the blade against the
blade support. (Fig. 61)
7. Make sure that the blade aligns with the center of the
motor shaft. (Fig. 62)
8. Lock the blade with a block of wood. (Fig. 63)
9. Attach the spring washer and tighten the bolt with a
torque of 65-75 Nm. (Fig. 64)
10. Pull the blade around by hand and make sure that it
turns freely.
The blade is very sharp and cuts can
easily occur.
11. Start the product to do a test of the blade. If the
blade is not correctly attached, there is vibration in
the product or the cutting result is unsatisfactory.
To clean the product
Clean plastic parts with a clean and dry cloth.
Do not use water to clean the product. Water can
enter the battery or the motor and cause short circuit
or damage to the product.
Do not use a high pressure washer to clean the
Do not flush water directly on the motor.
Use a brush to remove leaves, grass and dirt.
Remove the clutch cover, use a brush to remove
grass below the clutch cover.
To clean the battery and the battery
the battery charger with water.
LED on the battery
The green LED is flash-
1484 - 005 - 23.09.2020
Use protective gloves.
Do not clean the battery or


Possible faults
The battery voltage is low
Make sure that the battery and the battery charger
are clean and dry before you put the battery into the
battery charger.
Clean the battery terminals with compressed air or
use a soft and dry cloth.
Clean the surfaces of the battery and the battery
charger with a soft and dry cloth.
To examine the cutting equipment
pull up the safety key, remove the battery
and wait a minimum 5 seconds.
when you do maintenance on the cutting
equipment. The blade is very sharp and cuts
can easily occur.
1. Examine the cutting equipment for damage or
cracks. Always replace a damaged cutting
2. Look at the blade to see if it is damaged or blunt.
It is necessary to balance the blade after it is
sharpened. Let a service center sharpen, replace and
balance the blade. If you hit an obstacle that causes the
product to stop, replace the damaged blade. Let the
service center estimate if the blade can be sharpened or
must be replaced.
Possible procedure
Charge the battery. See
page 24 .
To prevent accidental start,
Use protective gloves
To charge the battery on


Table of Contents

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