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Honeywell CT40 Series Instructions Manual

Honeywell CT40 Series Instructions Manual

Protective boot and accessories
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CT40 Protective Boot
and Accessories
Models CT40-PB-00, CT40-SH-PB, CT40-CB-PB,
CT40-HBT-EN-IN-01 Rev A



Summary of Contents for Honeywell CT40 Series

  • Page 1 CT40 Protective Boot and Accessories Models CT40-PB-00, CT40-SH-PB, CT40-CB-PB, CT40-NB-PB Instructions CT40-HBT-EN-IN-01 Rev A 7/19...
  • Page 2 Out of Box The CT40 protective boot is available as a stand-alone accessory (model CT40-PB-00) or part of a kit that includes the scan handle (model CT40-SH-PB). "Charge Base and Ethernet Base" for compatible communication and charging bases. Attach the Protective Boot When used with the scan handle, the hand strap should be removed prior to installation.
  • Page 3 Press down evenly.
  • Page 4 Verify the boot lip overlaps the front of the CT40...
  • Page 5 Attach Scan Handle Insert the handle tab into the unit/boot assembly. Press and hold the latch. Lower the handle down and release the latch. Note: Remove hand strap before assembly.
  • Page 6 Scan a Bar Code Press the trigger on the handle to scan a bar code.
  • Page 7 Remove Scan Handle Press and hold the button.
  • Page 8 Lift handle end and release button. Slide handle tab out of unit/boot assembly.
  • Page 9 Remove Protective Boot Note: The protective boot does not need to be removed for battery replacement or charging with a compatible base (see "Charge Base and Ethernet Base"). Routinely inspect the protective boot for damage, and replace with part number CT40-PB-00 if needed. Hold the unit, with the screen facing you, on both sides.
  • Page 10 Lift the unit up and out of the bottom of the boot.
  • Page 11 Charge Base or Net Base for service or if you want to store the charger while not in use. Caution: We recommend the use of Honeywell accessories and power adapters. Use of any non- Honeywell accessories or power adapters may cause damage not covered by the warranty.
  • Page 12 Connect Base to Power Use only a UL Listed power supply which has been qualified by Honeywell with an output rated at 12V/7A. The power supply input rating is 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. The operating temperature is -10 °C to 50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F).
  • Page 13 Charge the Battery Pack Caution: Make sure that all components are dry prior to using the computers and batteries with accessories. Using wet components may cause damage not covered by the warranty. Mise en garde : Assurez-vous que tous les composants sont secs avant de connecter les terminaux/batteries à...
  • Page 14 Mount the Charge Base or Net Base You can mount the charger on a flat, horizontal surface such as a desktop or workbench with an optional DIN rail. Mounting hardware required: • DIN rail • 3/16-inch diameter x 5/8-inch long pan head screw •...
  • Page 15: Limited Warranty

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