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Honeywell Belt Mount Sled Quick Start Manual

Wearable solution for dolphin 70e black


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Belt Mount Sled
Wearable Solution for Dolphin 70e Black
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Honeywell Belt Mount Sled

  • Page 1 Belt Mount Sled Wearable Solution for Dolphin 70e Black Quick Start Guide Aller à pour le français. Vai a per l'italiano. Gehe zu für Deutsch. Ir a para español. Para Português, acesse Перейти на русскоязычный сайт
  • Page 2 This document is designed to assist the user who is wearing the wearable Dolphin 70e Black on a belt. Out of the Box A typical Honeywell Wearable Solution belt mount accessory kit contains the following items (may be packaged separately): •...
  • Page 3 Getting to Know the Belt Mount Sled Power Button Audio Cable End Cap Sled Lock Scan Button (not used with Back Button Bluetooth Ring Scanner) Home Button End Button Send Button Front Microphone The sled encases theDolphin 70e Black including the touch panel and helps protect the terminal from impacts.
  • Page 4 Removing the Dolphin Black from the Sled 1. If the audio end cap is used, remove the audio cable. To prevent damage to the Dolphin 70e Black always unplug the audio cable before removing the end cap. 2. Slide the lock down to release the end cap.
  • Page 5: Removing The Battery

    5. Slide the Dolphin 70e Black out of the sled. Use the notch in the bottom of the sled to push the Dolphin 70e Black. Removing the Battery 1. Remove the Dolphin 70e Black from the sled before changing the bat- tery.
  • Page 6: Installing The Battery

    BAT-EXTENDED-02 (Li-ion 3.7 V, 12.358 watt hour) manufactured for Honeywell International Inc. Note: Standard model battery and battery door shown. We recommend use of Honeywell Li-ion battery packs. Use of any non- Honeywell battery may result in damage not covered by the warranty.
  • Page 7: Turning Power On

    Suspend Mode. Because the display is hidden in the belt mount sled, observe the backlights for the Send, Home, Back and End keys. When the Dolphin 70e Black is on, these keys are backlit. If the keys are not backlit, the terminal is Off or in Suspend mode.
  • Page 8 5. If the scan wedge icon is displayed, scan wedge is running. If the scan wedge icon is not displayed, Touch > Power Tools > ScanWedge NGW. Tap Yes if a message is displayed about continuing without a tethered scanner connected. EZ Pairing icon Scan Wedge NGW icon Placing Dolphin 70e Black into the Sled...
  • Page 9 3. Pull the end cap off the sled. 4. Make sure the USB door is closed. Rotate the door on the right side of the Dolphin 70e Black to close. 5. Press until the door is flush with the side of the terminal.
  • Page 10 7. Make sure audio jack door is open. Pull the rubber door out and rotate the door 180º as shown to prevent damage. 8. Make sure the audio cable is not installed in the end cap. 9. Slide the end cap straight onto the sled until it clicks in place.
  • Page 11 Attaching the Headset 1. Make sure the audio jack door is open as shown in the previous section. 2. Slide the 3.5mm audio connector into the end cap. 3. Attach the quick disconnect end of the headset adapter cable to the headset’s cable.
  • Page 12 Attach the Sled to the Belt Clip 1. Align the sled assembly with the belt clip and press on the sled until it latches onto the belt clip. Be sure to align tabs on the back of sled with the notches on the belt clip.
  • Page 13: Technical Assistance

    For patent information, please refer to Disclaimer Honeywell International Inc. (“HII”) reserves the right to make changes in specifications and other information contained in this document without prior notice, and the reader should in all cases consult HII to determine whether any such changes have been made.

Table of Contents