Using The Projector - Hitachi KC95E Instruction Manual

Projection alarm clock radio
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Using the Projector

Press the PROjECTOR ON/OFF button on the top of the radio to turn on the projector
function and then turn the projector anti-clockwise toward the wall. Time image will
be projected onto the wall or ceiling.
Slide the ROTATE IMAGE switch to turn the image 180° if necessary.
Turn the FOCUS ADjUSTMENT control to adjust the focus of the image on the wall or
Press the PROjECTOR ON/OFF button to turn off the projector function.
• The projected image of the time on the wall or ceiling is only visible when the room is dark
enough and the room lights are turned off.
• If the power to the unit gets disconnected while the time projector is switched ON, the
LED display and the time projector will turn off. When the power is restored, the LED
display will return back to normal, and the time projector will remains switched OFF. You
must press the PROjECTOR ON/OFF button again to turn the time project back ON again.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents