Snooze Function; Sleep Timer Setting; Adjusting The Volume - Hitachi KC95E Instruction Manual

Projection alarm clock radio
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Snooze Function

Press the SNOOZE button when the alarm sounds. The alarm will go off and will then sound
again in approximately 9 minutes. After pressing the SNOOZE button, the alarm indicator
AL. 1 or AL. 2 will flash to inform you which alarm you have set.
To turn off the alarm, press the ALARM 1 or ALARM 2 button when the alarm sounds. The
alarm function will still be active the next day.

Sleep Timer Setting

This function automatically switches the unit to standby after the preset time has elapsed.
• Press and hold the SLEEP button, at the same time press the SET
to adjust the time digits. Alternatively press and hold the SET
reverse the time minute digits. The sleep timer will be confirmed when you released the
buttons. The time begins to count down from the preset time. (Maximum time span of
sleep timer is up to 90 minutes).
• Press the SNOOZE button to turn off the sleep timer.
When you change the sleep timer from the 10 minutes default setting to a different setting,
the new setting will be stored. Whenever you activate the sleep timer it will begin with your
new stored setting and count down to zero from that point.
Remember that the station and volume settings you choose for the Sleep To Music operation
are the same settings you will hear if you set the alarm for wake to radio the following morning.

Adjusting the Volume

Adjust the sound with the VOLUME control.
buttons repeatedly
buttons to fast forward/

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents