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Drainage Instructions
Continuous Drainage
During the Dry mode, you will need a garden hose (sold separately) to drain the condensate from the unit.
Follow the steps below:
Unscrew the drain cap of continuous drain outlet(Fig.20).
Connect one end of the garden hose (sold separately) to the drain outlet then lead the other end into
a drain that is lower than the unit(Fig.21).
Figure 20
Condensate may flow out after removing the drain cap, if the unit is running in Cool or Auto mode.
When you want to remove the garden hose, prepare a drip tray (not supplied) to collect the
condensate from the drain outlet.
Please be sure that the height of the drain and section of the drain hose should not be higher than
that of the drain outlet, or the continous drainage may not work properly.
During Cool or Auto mode, it is recommended to disable continuous drainage by replacing the
drain cap to the drain outlet, to reach the maximum performance.
Emptying the condensate residue inside the unit during winter storage.
Put a drip tray (not supplied) under the continuous drain outlet, then
unscrew the drain cap to allow the condensate to flow into the drip
tray. Replace the drain cap to the continuous drain outlet when no
condensate flows out.
Put the drip tray under the bottom drain outlet, then remove the
rubber stopper from the drain outlet, to allow the condensate to flow
into the drip tray. If your drip tray can't hold all the condensate, a
number of fills will be needed.
Replace the drain cap to the bottom drain outlet when no
condensate flows out.
Note: To ensure all condensate residue has been removed, tilt the
unit by lifting it slightly upwards from the front until no more
condensate comes out from the drain outlet.
Drain cap for Dry
Operating Instructions
Figure 21
Figure 22
Garden hose
Drain Outlet
Drip tray
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