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Troubleshooting - Sharp FP-J40A Operation Manual

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Before calling for service, please review the Troubleshooting list below, since the problem may not be a main unit
Odors and smoke are not removed.
The Cleanliness Monitor illuminates blue
even when the air is impure.
The Cleanliness Monitor illuminates
orange or red even when the air is clean.
A clicking or ticking sound is heard from
the main unit.
The discharged air has an odor.
The main unit does not operate properly
when cigarette smoke is in the air.
The Cleanliness Monitor is turned off.
The Cleanliness Monitor lights change
color frequently.
The SLEEP lamp is flashing.
After a power failure, automatically
resume the operation when the power
(with the main unit OFF)
(simultaneously for
more than 3 sec.)
• Replace the filters if they appear to be heavily soiled. (page 9)
• Check if the plastic bag is removed from the filter. (page 5)
• The air could be impure at the time the main unit was plugged in.
Unplug the main unit, wait one minute, and plug the main unit in again.
• Sensor operation is affected if the dust sensor openings are dirty or
clogged. Gently clean the dust sensor openings. (page 8).
• Clicking or ticking sounds may be audible when the main unit is
generating ions.
• Check to see if the filters are heavily soiled.
• Clean or replace the filters.
• Plasmacluster Air Purifiers emit small traces of ozone which may produce
an odor. These ozone emissions are well below safety levels.
• Is the main unit installed in a location that is difficult for the sensor to  
detect cigarette smoke?
• Is the dust sensor opening blocked or clogged?
(In this case, clean the opening.) (page 8)
• Check to see if the Lights OFF Mode selected.
for 3 seconds to light On. (page 7)
• Check to see if the SLEEP mode is selected.
The Cleanliness Monitor/ Plasmacluster Ion Light are turned off
automatically when room is dark after the SLEEP mode is selected.
• The Cleanliness Monitor lights automatically change colors as impurities
are detected by the dust sensor.
• Fan motor error. Turn the power OFF.
Wait one minute, and then turn the power ON.
Auto Restart can be set.
Even when the plug is unplugged or the breaker is thrown during the
operation, the operation resumes at the previous operation mode and
settings if the power recovers.
If the
lamp Lights up
for 8 seconds, the setting is completed.
REMEDY (not a malfunction)
(with the main unit OFF)
(simultaneously for
more than 3 sec.)