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Casio Casiotone MT-520 Operation Manual


Operation Manual.........
Manual de Operaci6n ...



Summary of Contents for Casio Casiotone MT-520

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1. General Gui d e ..........4 2. Power Supply..........9 3. General Operation ........11 4. Preset Tone ........... 11 5. Auto-rhythm & Super Drums ......12 6. Auto-accompaniment ........14 7.
  • Page 3: General Guide

    General Guide ij * " - ; § ..--'-"""""' '"-' '"' L.J>' L___.
  • Page 4 I . General Guide 0 Built-in speaker (Left) f)Casio Chord switch E) Rhythm selectors ()Select button 0Accompaniment volume control OSuper drums @Rhythm volume control 0Main volume control ()Drum pads «l) Power switch a, Power indicator @Built-in speaker (Right) @Memory start/stop button �...
  • Page 5 l, General Guide G) Tuning control Adjusts the pitch of the entire keyboard within ± 1 /4 tone, (±50 cents) and provides easy tuning with other instruments. � Headphone jack For connection of optional headphones (CP-2). Output from the speaKers is automatically cut when headphones are connected.
  • Page 6 I. General Guide Connecting External Drum Pads (DP- I )/Sound Stick (SS-1 )---- ---- ­ (Right panel)�- ---..i.. 1.__- �· hand c!ap • DP-1 (External drum pads) Optional drum pads (DP-1) can be connected to the terminals on the right side o f the keyboard. Once connected, the right pad of the DP-1 is assigned the percussive effect noted above the terminal, while the left pad is assigned the effect noted below the terminal.
  • Page 7 I . General Guide -Minus one play- Instruments set to "manual" using the super drums instrument selector do not sound during auto­ accompan1ment, allowing free improvisation. • SS-1 (Sound stick) With the sound stick SS-1 (option) connected to drum pad terminals on the right side of the keyboard, you can enjoy rhythmic drum sounds by simply shaking the sticks or tapping on an obJect with them.
  • Page 8 This unit operates on both AC and DC power. power) • Car battery • Dry batteries With the car battery adaptor (CA-5, optional). DC This unit can be powered by six D size (SUM-1 I power is supplied from a car battery through the manganese dry batteries.
  • Page 9: Power Supply

    Plug the AC adaptor into the AC outlet and the cord 8\Ultfl@I into the unit This will automaticaily cut off the battery power supply. ' Use only genuine CASIO adaptor, to avoid risk of damage, f,il * Remove batteries from the battery compartment AC adaptor AD-5 �...
  • Page 10: Preset Tone

    [ 3. General Operation accomp. volume rhythm volume main volume Accompaniment volume Rhythm volume Main volume Power switch • Power switch • Volume controls Press to turn the power of the unit ON and OFF. Accompaniment volume ..Slide to control the volume of chords, bass and arpeggio.
  • Page 11 I 5. Auto-rhythm &.. Super Drums [1] Auto-rhythm Each of 12 auto-rhythms is capable of five different patterns for bass drum, snare drum/rim shot, hand clap/bongo, cymbal/high hat and bass/chord. This makes it possible to arrange one of a wide variety of rhythm and accompaniment patterns to suit the tvpe of music being played.
  • Page 14: Auto-Accompaniment

    6. Auto-accompaniment Casio Chord System The Casio Chord system has been developed so you can play the four main types of chords more easily. Playing of the chords is simplified as shown below: • Pressing one of the accompaniment keyboard keys produces a major chord corresponding to that note.
  • Page 15 6. Auto-accompaniment [1) Auto-accompaniment using the Casio Chord [2) Auto-accompaniment playing chords usual. System (One-finger Method) G)Set the Casio Chord switch to G)Set the Casio Chord switch to casiochor� "on". "fingered". off_Jing�ret_cn - I I I i I @Select one of the auto-rhythms and @Select one oi the auto-rhythms and press the synchro/ending button.
  • Page 17: Drum Solo

    Drum Solo • Drum solo Striking the bass drum pad while an auto-rhythm is being used automatically stops the auto-rhythm and sounds the hassichord only, Use drum pads for improvisational drum parts, Press the introifill-in button to return to auto-rhythm, •...
  • Page 18 Solo 8. Drum C AUTION------------------------ --.. Strongly striking a drum pad with a drum stick or other hard object may damage the pads. Drum sticks should only be used with external drum pad (DP-1, option). MT-520...
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    I 9. Troubleshooting Trouble Possible Cause Remedy 'For any malfunction, always check battery condition first. (see page 91 No sound, even if l, Main volume turned down, 1. Turn up main volume. keys are pressed. 2. Headphones connected. 2. Disconnect headphones. No rhythm.
  • Page 21 Super drums: Bass drum, snare drum/rim shot, hand clap/bongo, cymbal/high hat, bass/chord Auto-accompaniment function: Casio Chord ON/OFF, Fingered Drum solo: Built-in drum pads x 8 (Bass drum, snare drurn, rim shot, hand clap, hi bongo, low bongo, cymbal, high hat) Tuning control: Within ±50 cents (±1/4 tone)
  • Page 22: Specifications

    11. Specifications 3-way AC/DC power source; Power source: • AC: 100, 117, 220 or 240 V (±10 V), 50/60 Hz, with optional AC adaptor AD-5. • DC: 6 D size manganese dry batteries. Battery life: Approximately 18 hours (SUM-1). • Car battery: Power taken via optional car adaptor CA-5. Auto power off 6 minutes after last operation function:...
  • Page 23 GUIDELINES LAID DOWN BY FCC RULES plug the computer into a different outlet so FOR USE OF THE UNIT IN THE U.S.A. that computer and receiver are on different (not applicable to other areas). branch circuits, If necessary, the user should consult the dealer or an This equipment generates and uses radio frequency experienced radio/television technician for additional energy and if not installed and used properly, that is.