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Casio Casiotone MT-520 Operation Manual page 8

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This unit operates on both AC and DC power.
• Dry batteries
This unit can be powered by six D size (SUM-1 I
manganese dry batteries. Weakened batteries will
result in lower volume or poor tonal quality. The
power indicator lamp will gradually lose its
brightness when battery power weakens. At this
time, change batteries or shift to one of the
alternate power sources mentioned below.
Battery replacement:
G) Open the battery compartment cover on the
bottom of the unit and take out used batteries.
@ Load new batteries taking care that polarity is
* It is advisable to replace all six batteries al the same
time for longer battery life.
* Refer to the specifications for standard battery life.
• Car battery
With the car battery adaptor (CA-5, optional). DC
power is supplied from a car battery through the
cigarette lighter socket.

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