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Casio Casiotone MT-520 Operation Manual page 7


I . General Guide
-Minus one play-
Instruments set to "manual" using the super drums instrument selector do not sound during auto­
accompan1ment, allowing free improvisation.
• SS-1 (Sound stick)
With the sound stick SS-1 (option) connected to drum pad terminals on the right side of the keyboard,
you can enjoy rhythmic drum sounds by simply shaking the sticks or tapping on an obJect with them.
*The sound stick 55-1 (option) has a .1et of two sticks, and a maximum of four sticks /two 55-1 's) can be
To produce the sound indicated above each jack, play the stick with the 55-1 button being pressed.
Playing the stick without pressing the button gives the sound indicated below each jack.

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