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Casio Casiotone MT-520 Operation Manual page 6


I. General Guide
Connecting External Drum Pads (DP- I )/Sound Stick (SS-1 )---- ---- ­
(Right panel)�- ---..i.. 1.__-
hand c!ap
• DP-1 (External drum pads)
Optional drum pads (DP-1) can be connected to the terminals on the right side o f the keyboard. Once
connected, the right pad of the DP-1 is assigned the percussive effect noted above the terminal, while
the left pad is assigned the effect noted below the terminal.
-Manual fill-in-
Striking any of the drum pads besides the bass drum pad causes rhythm accompaniment to stop for
one measure, allowing manual play of a fill-in pattern.
- Drum solo-
Striking the bass drum pad causes rhythm to stop, allowing manual play of a drum solo. Rhythm
resumes when the fill-in button is pressed.

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