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Installation Instructions; Unpacking; Product Description; Wall Mounting (Fig. 4) - Bosch Tronic 2500 TO Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents

Installation instructions

• If the electrical connection cable of this appliance is
damaged, it may only be replaced by one of our
authorised customer service representatives in
order to avoid potential sources of danger. The plug
must be removed from the mains before
• The small water heater is only suitable for use
with an open (unpressurised) and a single tap
connection. The warm water outlet is used for
pressure compensation and may only be
connected to suitable fittings (Order
No. BZ 13051, BZ 13062 for undersink
appliances or BZ 11113 for oversink
• The tap outlet must always remain free. Do not use
perlators (diffusers) or shower taps.
• This appliance can be used by children aged
8 years and older as well as by persons with
diminished bodily, sensory or mental perception, or
those who lack knowledge or experience, if they are
monitored or have received instruction concerning
use and comprehend the possible dangers that can
result. Children may not play with the appliance.
Cleaning and maintenance by the user may not be
performed by unsupervised children.
• Keep children away from the appliance.
• Please monitor children to ensure that they do not
play with the appliance.
• The warm water pipe may be hot. Please inform and
instruct children appropriately.
• Do not use aggressive or abrasive cleaning
• Do not use a steam cleaner.
Please read this installation and operating
instruction manual carefully, then act accordingly!
Store for future reference.
Installation instructions


• Inspect the new appliance for transport damage!
• Please dispose of the packaging, and if applicable, the old appliance
in an environmentally-friendly manner.
Scope of delivery (Fig. 1)
Appliance with operating panel
Installation bracket

Product description

The small water heater is only suitable for open (unpressurised)
installation. It heats and stores drinking water up to approx. 85 °C.
Different temperature levels can be selected with the temperature
selector knob.
The appliance may not be operated with pre-heated water, as otherwise
the safety temperature limitation will trip.
The appliance is connected using the mains plug.
This installation and operating instruction manual describes various
appliance types.

Wall mounting (Fig. 4)

Undersink appliances TR2500TO 10 T
• For mounting without the wall hooks, observe the different
Screwing on the connection hoses (Fig. 5)
• Fit the sealing gasket.
• Place the sleeve nuts onto the threads and screw on by hand.
• Tighten the screw fitting.
Hold the threaded fittings on the water heater with a spanner. Do
not lubricate the thread!
• After the unit has been used to heat water a few times, retighten the
screw fitting.
Replacement for a damaged threaded fitting is available from customer
Oversink appliances TR2500TO 10 B (Fig. 6)
• For mounting without the wall hooks, observe the different
Connecting the tap mixer (Fig. 7)

Water connection (Fig. 3, 8)

Do not allow the existing tap mixer to become calcified.
A reduced flow rate will ruin the water heater.
• Insert the connection pipes into the tap mixer.
• Hang the water heater on the wall.
• Screw the connection pipes onto the heater and the tap mixer.
Hold the threaded fittings on the heater with a spanner.
Do not lubricate the thread!

First start-up (Fig. 9, 10)


Electrical connection

• Important: Do not insert the plug into the mains socket yet.
TR2500TO 10 T only:
• Open the corner valve.
• Completely fill the heater's reservoir with water.
• Set the flow on the corner valve:
10-litre unit: 10 l/min = 1 l in 6 seconds
TR2500TO 10 B only:
• Set the flow with the adjustment screw on the tap mixer:
10-litre unit: 10 l/min = 1 l in 6 seconds.
• Only then insert the plug into the mains socket.

Checking the heating

• Turn the rotary selector switch to "3" (approx. 85 °C).
• Monitor the heating process until the pilot lamp switches off.
Heating time:
10-litre unit: 25–35 minutes.
• Check the temperature.
If the safety temperature limitation has switched off the small water
heater, unplug the mains plug, open the warm water tap and allow
Tronic 2500 TO – 6 720 879 724 (2019/10)


Table of Contents

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