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Checking After Reassembly - Hitachi C 7SB3 Service Manual

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• Check the following after reassembly.
(1) Adjust the base ass'y angle to 90°±0.5° with the Slotted Hd. Set Screw M6 x 8 [66].
(2) Check that the base ass'y operates smoothly. (Adjust the cutting depth and tilt angle.)
(3) Check the switch operation.
(4) Check that the Lower Guard [8] moves smoothly and returns within the operating range (maximum to
minimum cutting depth, tilt angle of 0° to maximum angle (45° for Europe and 55° for other countries)
of the base ass'y.
(5) Check the insulation resistance and dielectric strength voltage.
Insulation resistance: 7 MΩ or higher with DC 500 V megohm tester
Dielectric strength: AC 4,000 V/1 minute, with no abnormalities
(6) Check that runout of the saw blade is up to 0.7 mm at 160 mm dia. position.
(7) Check that the direction indicated by the arrow mark on the TCT Saw Blade [12] matches that of the
arrow mark on the Gear Cover [26].
(8) Perform checking according to the handling instructions.
• Cleaning the cover
Clean the exterior of the tool with a soft cloth moistened with soapy water, and dry thoroughly. Do not use
chloric solvent, gasoline, and thinner for cleaning. Otherwise, the plastic components may be melted.

Checking after reassembly