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Frigidaire EFIC117-SS User Manual page 6

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Press the Power Button and the green indicator light will remain on.
To change between either the small or large ice size, press the Select
Button until the light is lit up beside the desired ice size.
The first ice making cycle will last approximately 8 - 13 minutes
depending on the ice size that is selected. The ice making cycle starts
with water being pumped into the Water Tray situated below the
Evaporator Fingers. Over the next 8 - 13 minutes ice forms on the
Evaporator Fingers. Once this has completed, the Ice Tray will tilt
backwards and the remaining water in the Ice Tray is drained back into the
Water Reservoir. The ice cubes are then dropped from the Evaporator
Fingers and pushed forward into the Ice Basket by the Ice Shovel. The Ice
Tray will automatically move back into position under the Evaporator
Fingers and start the next cycle.
The 'Ice Full' LED light will light up when the ice basket is full and the Ice
Maker will stop the ice making cycle automatically. Gently remove the ice
from the Ice Basket with the Ice Scoop. Once the Ice Basket has been
emptied and the Cover closed, the Ice Maker will restart its ice making
function automatically. IMPORTANT: Wait 3 minutes then press the
Power Button to restart the ice making function.
The 'Add Water' LED light will light up when there is no more water in
the Water Reservoir and the ice making cycle will stop automatically. Press
the Power Button once (the Power Button will flash every 5 seconds).
Remove the Ice Basket and add water to the Water Reservoir.
NOTE: Do not fill above the MAX water level mark at the back of the
Water Reservoir. Replace the Ice Basket and close the Cover.
IMPORTANT: Wait 3 minutes then press the Power Button to restart the
ice making function.
When you have finished making ice, transfer the ice to a freezer.
NOTE: The ice will last in the Ice Maker for up to a 18 hour period,
depending on the ambiant temperature. Stop the ice making cycle by
pressing the Power Button. Unplug the unit from the wall outlet.
Open the Cover and allow the Ice Maker to reach room temperature
and follow the directions in the Care and Cleaning section.

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