Frigidaire EFIC117-SS User Manual page 8

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"Ice Full" and "Add Water"
indicators light up
The "Ice Full" indicator
light is on.
The unit does not
Ice blockage. No ice is
being made.
The icemaking cycle
seems normal but no ice
is produced.
Electrical Power Surge
or There may be air in
the lines or the lines are
blocked. The water tank
cannot detect water level.
The ice basket is full.
Power is not being
supplied to the unit.
The ambient temperature
or the water temperature
is too high.
Making ice takes too
much time.
There is refrigerant
leakage. A pipe in the
cooling system is blocked.
Turn off the icemaker, pull
out the electric plug, fill it
with water if needed,
replace the plug and then
restart the unit. or
Inspect relative parts;
remove the drain cap on
the back of the unit and
drain out a small amount
of water. Replace the
drain cap and attempt to
use the unit again.
Check if ice is blocking the
ice pusher. Turn off the
unit; let the ice melt and
Remove ice from the ice
storage basket to make
Plug the unit into a
standard 110/120 Volt,
60 Hertz power source.
Please run the icemaker
in temperatures below
90°F and/or pour colder
water into the water
Turn off the machine.
Start the machine after
the ice block melts. Or
change the size selector
to small ice cubes.
Consult a qualified
technician or call
Customer Service.

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