Electrolux 6 GN 1/1 User Manual

Electrolux 6 GN 1/1 User Manual

Electrical and gas oven combi digital
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Electrical and Gas Oven
User manual *
0595403Z01- 2020.01
*Original instructions


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Summary of Contents for Electrolux 6 GN 1/1

  • Page 1 Electrical and Gas Oven Combi DIGITAL User manual * 0595403Z01- 2020.01 *Original instructions...
  • Page 2 Foreword The installation, use and maintenance manual (hereinafter Manual) provides the user with information necessary for correct and safe use of the machine (or “appliance“). The following must not be considered a long and exacting list of warnings, but rather a set of instructions suitable for improving machine performance in every respect and, above all, preventing injury to persons and animals and damage to property due to improper operating procedures.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents A WARNING AND SAFETY INFORMATION ......................4 General information ..........................4 Personal protection equipment......................5 General safety ........................... 5 General safety rules..........................6 Safety signs to be placed near the machine area..................8 Reasonably foreseeable improper use ....................9 Machine cleaning and maintenance .......................
  • Page 4: A Warning And Safety Information

    WARNING AND SAFETY INFORMATION General information To ensure safe use of the machine and a proper understanding of the manual it is necessary to be familiar with the terms and typographical conventions used in the documentation. The following symbols are used in the manual to indicate and identify the various types of hazards: WARNING Danger for the health and safety of operators.
  • Page 5: Personal Protection Equipment

    • Do not store explosive substances, such as pressurized containers with flammable propellant, in this appliance or close to the appliance • Do not remove, tamper with or make the machine data plate and markings illegible. • Refer to the data given on the machine’s data plate for relations with the Manufacturer (e.g. when ordering spare parts, etc.).
  • Page 6: General Safety Rules

    • Never operate the machine, removing, modifying or tampering with the guards, protection or safety devices. • Do not make any modifications to the parts supplied with the appliance. • Several illustrations in the manual show the machine, or parts of it, without guards or with guards removed.
  • Page 7 • To guarantee machine efficiency and correct operation, periodical maintenance must be carried out according to the instructions given in this manual. • Make sure to periodically check correct operation of all the safety devices and the insulation of electrical cables, which must be replaced if damaged. •...
  • Page 8: Safety Signs To Be Placed Near The Machine Area

    Residual risk Description of hazardous situation Falling from above The operator intervenes on the machine using unsuitable systems to access the upper part ( e.g. rung ladders or climbs on it) Tipping of loads When handling the machine or the packing containing it, using unsuitable lifting systems or accessories or with the unbalanced load Mechanical safety characteristics, hazards...
  • Page 9: Reasonably Foreseeable Improper Use

    Reasonably foreseeable improper use Improper use is any use different from that specified in this manual. During machine operation, other types of work or activities deemed improper and that in general can involve risks for the safety of operators and damage to the appliance are not allowed. Reasonably foreseeable improper use includes: •...
  • Page 10: Bwarranty

    • In order to ensure the safety and performance of your equipment, it is recommended that service is undertaken by Electrolux authorised engineers every 12 months, in accordance with Electrolux Service Manuals. Please contact your local Electrolux Service Centre for further details.
  • Page 11: Cgeneral Information

    Additional indications Manufacturer Electrolux Professional SpA or any other The drawings and diagrams given in the manual are not in scale. service centre authorised by Electrolux They supplement the written information with an outline, but are Professional SpA.
  • Page 12: Dnormal Machine Use

    1,6 m above the floor. during operation. This is to prevent spilling during handling. Food loading on oven MODELS No. of grids 6 GN 1/1 6 GN 2/1 10 GN 1/1 10 GN 2/1 20 GN 1/1 20 GN 2/1...
  • Page 13: Appliance Overview

    20 GN model 6 - 10 GN model Appliance overview 1. Door handle (shape depending on the model) 10. Cavity filter – housing for detergent tabs (cavity washing) 2. Glass door 11. ON/OFF button 3. Led bar for lighting cavity 12.
  • Page 14: Control Panel

    Control panel 2. To close the door press it against the oven enough to lock it. WARNING 20 GN Model Refer to “WARNING and Safety Information“. A. Digital panel 1. Rotate the handle by 90℃ counterclockwise to open the B. ON/OFF button door completely.
  • Page 15 Level B model COMBI Cycle (only in boiler models) Superheated steam. The steam generator and the cavity are used at the same time to keep foods tender. Maximum temperature up to 300℃. STEAM Cycle (only in boiler models) • Full Steam: ideal for steaming at 100℃. •...
  • Page 16: Cooking Cycle Setting

    Hold For slow and prolonged cooking, typically for meat (large cuts). Ideal to maintain a warm temperature at The Temperature Digital Display shows: the end of cooking. Combinable with all cycles. • The cavity set temperature • The ECO DELTA cavity temperature. Pause For setting a pause between cooking cycles.
  • Page 17 Humidity condition: Stop cycle • The Convection cycle allows to manage and adjust the • Keep pressed the START button to stop the cycle. amount of humidity in the cavity without generating any additional steam. End cycle • When the display shows the cavity does not manage the When the set time has elapsed the cooking cycle will stop humidity as the valve is closed.
  • Page 18 Insert it in the product without forcing excessively; 3. Press the Start button to reach the set temperature. Make sure the tip - the sensitive part – is positioned near Time option the centre of the product. CONTINUOUS COOKING The cooking time is endless. 1.
  • Page 19: Programs

    • Keep pressed the Programs button. The display shows the 2. Keep pressed the multiphase button to add phase 2; first program number available; 3. Set phase 2 • It is possible, at this stage, to set the parameters of the new phase.
  • Page 20: Indicator Lights

    Open the door carefully, water is cleaning products. Cleaning agents being not original sprayed onto the fan. or not recommended by Electrolux Professional can seriously damage the appliance. Damages caused by using different cleaning and care products than those recommended by the manufac- turer are excluded from the warranty.
  • Page 21 (see following figures). Descale effect available only in models with boiler. IMPORTANT Use only C25 Rinse and Descale tabs 20 GN model by Electrolux Professional. Chemicals loading of 20 grids models 20 GN model B – dESC Detergent Rinse aid /...
  • Page 22: Boiler Descaling (Desc)

    Electrolux Professional. In any case make sure wearing or damage of cavity door the supplier of the chemicals guarantees the deter- gents and rinse aid agents feature fluid category 3.
  • Page 23 3. Wash the filter in the dishwasher with a gentle programme; operation. The gasket is the most stressed element of the oven in other cases, wash the filter by hand with neutral dish washing because it is subject to multiple types of stress: thermal, detergent and rinse thoroughly;...
  • Page 24: Boiler Maintenance

    IMPORTANT 2. With the door open, press the two top and bottom retaining It is strongly recommended to clean each day the clips as shown in the figure to reach the interspace between area along the entire door perimeter, the rubber the inner and external glass;...
  • Page 25: Replacing Wear And Tear Components

    Replacing wear and tear components • Clean external glass, metal and plastic parts only with non- aggressive detergents. Stop immediately using those prod- There are parts, whose damage happens because of the ucts if detecting any visual or tactile characteristic change on ordinary use during a period, which are not covered by the surfaces and thoroughly rinse with water (examples: glass manufacturer warranty.
  • Page 26: Htroubleshooting

    Maintenance, inspections, checks and cleaning Frequency Responsibility Ordinary cleaning Daily Operator • general cleaning of machine and surrounding area. Mechanical protection devices Yearly Service • check their condition and for any deformation, loosening or removed parts. Control • check the mechanical part, for cracks or deformation, tightening Yearly Service of screws: check the readability and condition of words, stickers...
  • Page 27 Anom- Type of Description Possible causes Actions anomaly Warning Air filter absent • Filter not detected; • Refit the filter; • Possible damage to inter- • If the problem persists call Service. nal electric and electronic components due to air filter absence.
  • Page 28 Anom- Type of Description Possible causes Actions anomaly BSOt Stops Boiler SSR NTC over- The oven can continue to work in recovery • Inlet air filter dirty; cooking temperature (NTC4) mode: cooking cycles will not use the boiler. • Cooling fan failure; cycle •...
  • Page 29 Anom- Type of Description Possible causes Actions anomaly EbOL Stops Boiler thermocouple The oven can continue to work without preheat- • Connector failure; cycle/ failure ing (check the cooking results). • TC sensor failure; preheating • Inform Service about the failure. •...
  • Page 30 Anom- Type of Description Possible causes Actions anomaly Stops Boiler safety thermo- The oven is not able to produce steam with the • Missing water in the cycle/boiler stat trips. boiler. An alternative device will be used, but the boiler; Overtemperature in performance will be reduced;...
  • Page 31 Anom- Type of Description Possible causes Actions anomaly FSnr Warning Cooling fan issue • Inlet air filter dirty • Clean inlet air filter; • Cooling fan failure • Check with a thin strip of paper whether a consistent air flow can be detected at the cooling air inlet: if not, call Service.
  • Page 32 Anom- Type of Description Possible causes Actions anomaly Stops oven Drain temperature Possible lack of water in the • Check that the oven has water supply; above safety limit drain system. • Pour some water on the bottom cavity filter; •...
  • Page 33: Further Information

    FURTHER INFORMATION Ergonomic features I.1.1 Certification The ergonomic features of your product, that may influence your physical and cognitive interaction with it, have been assessed and certified. A product with ergonomic features, in fact, shall fulfil specific ergonomic requirements, belonging to three different areas: Polytechnic, Biomedical and Psychosocial (usability and satisfaction).
  • Page 34 5 Kg 5 Kg <15 Kg 10 Kg 10 Kg <10 Kg 15 Kg 15 Kg <5 Kg <3 Kg Blast Chiller 50Kg Oven 10G + Base 5 Kg 5 Kg 10 Kg 10 Kg <15 Kg <10 Kg 15 Kg 15 Kg <5 Kg <3 Kg...
  • Page 35: Jmachine Disposal

    3 Kg 5 Kg 5 Kg 10 Kg 10 Kg <15 Kg <10 Kg <5 Kg 15 Kg <3 Kg 10 Kg 10 Kg 5 Kg 5 Kg 3 Kg Blast Chiller 30Kg + Oven 6G Oven 6G + Oven 10G I.1.2.1 Recommendations on accessories •...
  • Page 38 Electrolux Professional SPA Viale Treviso 15 33170 Pordenone www.professional.electrolux.com...

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