Continuous Electric Memory Function - Whirlpool FHT1200 Health & Safety, Use & Care And Installation Manual

2 in 1 fan heater
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Use Your 2 in 1 Fan Heater
Temperature Setting For Heating Mode
Remark: Under below conditions:
1) First Time Use, or
2) User did not set the desire temperature in heating mode, or
3) User turns off the machine with the power switch (at the back of the machine).
If the room temperature is higher than pre-set temperature (25℃). The PTC
(Heating Element) will stop (No heat will be generated); When the room
temperature is below the pre-set temperature 1℃, PTC heating elements restart.
If turn off the machine, the fan will continuous for 10 seconds. This is normal
phenomenon and not a problem at all.
e) When both set the timer function and the desired temperature, display panel will show
the timer and the room temperature respectively in every 30 seconds. If the timer is not
set, the panel only shows the room temperature.

Continuous Electric Memory Function

When you press
at previous setting (except the timer function), given power supply keep connecting.
Remark: If the previous setting is High Power, when you restart the machine, LED
up, the machine will operate at Low Power first for 10-20 seconds, and then change to
High Power.
If the machine operate more than 1 minute, the LED indicated lights will automatically
turn to 1/3 dimmer to avoid influences in night time, the lights will back to normal when
you press any button.
NTC over-heating protection function
NTC (Temperature sensor) over-heating protection instruction: when the NTC
temperature is too high, machine will be forced to turn off (all the LED light off, the timer
and auto swing will stop, the PTC(heating element) will stop heating and the fan will
continuous for 10 seconds before it turns off). Place the machine on the ambient
temperature 25℃ and last for 5-7 minutes to cool down the NTC Temperature, the
machine can be start again by manual , but pay attention the machine will not restart and
restore any functions automatically. When NTC is malfunction, the machine will not
operate. In the normal opening the machine without setting the timer, the machine will
turn off automatically after continue operating 12 hours. (Start Counting from the last
press button, unless it will reset the counter if you press any buttons.)
button to restart the machine on Standby Mode, the machine will operate


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents