Positioning; Operation Condition - Whirlpool FHT1200 Health & Safety, Use & Care And Installation Manual

2 in 1 fan heater
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Before Use


• Place the unit in an upright position
• On a stable and flat surface. Carpet or futon is a very unstable place. Do not place above floor
level such as on table.
• Enough space around the unit. Recommended space: Side 90 cm or more; Filter side 90cm or
more; Behind 90cm or more; Front 90cm or more)
• Avoid place in direct sunlight
• Any electric machine in the same space, if there is noise or cannot display correct time, move the
product as far as possible from other electric machine.
Do not use the product in
below area
- With a lot of chemicals are used such as
factory, hospital, laboratories
- With a lot of flammable gas or oil
- With a lot of steam or oil such as kitchen
- With a lot of sulfide gas such as hot spring
- With high humidity or wet place such as

Operation Condition

Operation ambient temperature -5℃ - 35℃
(Heating Mode).
• Operation ambient humidity RH﹪ < 85﹪
(When 25℃).
• 220V ac power supply only.
• Plugging Power plug into power socket.
-"BiBi" Sounds indicate connect to power
- Only Power indicator light up in the control
- All keys are no response, except "POWER"
- Press "POWER" to start the machine.
Behind 90cm
or more
Filter side 90cm
or more
Do not use in the following places
• Directly sunshine
• Outdoor
• Narrow space environment such as inside
• With a lot of steam or oil such as kitchen
• Wet place such as bathroom
Side 90 cm
or more
Front 90cm
or more


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents