Use Your 2 In 1 Fan Heater; Operation Method Of Each Function Button; On/Off Mode - Whirlpool FHT1200 Health & Safety, Use & Care And Installation Manual

2 in 1 fan heater
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Use Your 2 in 1 Fan Heater

Operation Method of Each Function Button

On/Off Mode

Heat radiation function of fan:
When the machine is on, the PTC heating element and the fan will work together. When the
machine is off, PTC stops and fan will still operate for 10 seconds to lower the temperature of
the PTC heating element. Please do not switch off the power supply unless the fan stopped.
Otherwise, it will shorten the machine lifetime or affect the machine performance. ( This
warning won't be repeated in the following function description)
After connected to power supply and switch on the power, you will hear a "BiBi" sound; the
machine enters to Standby Mode. The power indicator
lights up, other functions and
displays are off.
Under the condition of Standby Mode, only on/off button
is available to be pressed. Press
button to turn on the machine, and press again to Standby Mode. After turning on the
machine, the machine defaults at:
a) Heat: Low Power, LED
lights up.
b) Swing: Stop, LED
c) Timer: no setting, LED
d) Display Panel: shows room temperature, LED
lights up.
e) Temperature setting: automatically set to 25℃.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents