Temperature Setting For Heating Mode - Whirlpool FHT1200 Health & Safety, Use & Care And Installation Manual

2 in 1 fan heater
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Use Your 2 in 1 Fan Heater
d) When you set the timer within 1-12 hour(s), the timer function will start (not show
countdown number). After finished, the machine will stop and enter to Standby mode
e) If the timer set to 0 hour, timer function off, the machine works at normal.
f ) When both set the timer function and the desired temperature, display panel will show
the timer and the room temperature respectively in every 30 seconds. If the timer is not
set, the panel only shows the room temperature.

Temperature Setting For Heating Mode

button once to set the temperature.
a) Temperature setting: press
the temperature on a range of 15℃ to 35℃. Press "
setting by 1℃, press "
button to change the number rapidly.
b) Previous temperature setting will not change when enter into setting mode unless your
press "
" button to reset the temperature, and press
c) If you don't set the temperature in 5 seconds or you press other button except "
display panel will exit the temperature setting and will show room temperature
immediately. When room temperature is -10℃ or below, the panel shows "LO"; when
room temperature is higher than 40℃ , the panel shows "HI". In a range of -10℃ to
40℃, t he panel shows actual temperature.
d) If the room temperature is higher than the temperature setting, PTC heating elements
and mode indicator on the panel will stop automatically while fan will operate for another
10 seconds before it stops. When the room temperature is below the temperature setting
within 1℃, PTC heating elements restart and heating mode will show on the display
panel. The machine continues to work.
button and LED
" button once to lower temperature setting by 1℃, hold the "
lights up. You can press "
" button once to raise temperature
button to confirm the
" button to set
", the


Table of Contents

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