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Product Description; Installation Instructions - Bosch TR1000 4 T Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Product description

To guarantee compliance to relevant safety regulations,
an all-pole separator must be fitted during installation.
The contact opening must be at least 3 mm.
Do not use plastic pipes. Steel or copper pipes are suitable
for the cold-water supply. Insulated copper pipes are
particularly suitable for the hot-water pipes.
Disconnect the electrical connection cable from
the supply and shut off the water supply before
connecting the appliance!
Connect the water supply and then connect
the electrical supply.
Do not touch electrically live parts after installation.
The appliance should be disconnected from the electrical
mains supply when working on the water supply. After
service work is complete, proceed as during the first-time
appliance start-up.
No changes may be made to the appliance.
The appliance may only be used for heating drinking water
for household use.
This appliance can be used by children aged 8 years and
older as well as by persons with diminished bodily, sensory
or mental perception, or those who lack knowledge or
experience, if they are monitored or have received
instruction concerning use and comprehend the possible
dangers that can result. Children may not play with
the appliance. Cleaning and maintenance by the user may
not be performed by unsupervised children.
Keep children away from the appliance.
Please monitor children to ensure that they do not play with
the appliance.
The mixer and the warm water pipe may be hot.
Please inform and instruct children appropriately.
Do not use aggressive or abrasive cleaning detergents!
Do not use a steam cleaner.
Congratulations on purchasing this BOSCH appliance.
You have acquired a top-quality product, which will give you
a lot of enjoyment.
Please read this installation and operating instruction
manual carefully, then act accordingly! Store for future
Product description
This instruction manual describes various appliance models.
Only for permanently connected appliances: The appliance
complies with IEC 61000‑3‑12.
The hydraulically controlled flow-through water heater is
suitable for either an open (depressurised) or closed
(pressurised) connection.
The flow-through water heater continuously heats water
while it flows through the appliance.
The appliance must not be operated with preheated water,
otherwise the overtemperature protection will be
TR1000 4 T: This appliance is connected to the mains by
a plug.
TR1000 5 T, TR1000 6 T, TR1000 6 B: These appliances
are designed for permanent electrical connection.
TR1000 6 B
TR1000 4 T
TR1000 5 T
TR1000 6 T

Installation instructions

Install the continuous-flow heater as described in the
illustrated section. Observe the instructions in the text.
I. Unpacking/scope of supply
Unpack the appliance and check for transport damage.
Dispose of the packaging and, where applicable, the old
appliance, in an environmentally conscious manner.
Mounting (2 screws, 2 wall plugs)
ON indicator (only on the TR1000 6 B)
Filter and sleeve (inserted in inlet)
Jet regulator and seal
Only for appliances with a permanent electrical
connection: Rubber grommet
TR1000 4 T, TR1000 5 T, TR1000 6 T, TR1000 6 B – 6 720 876 020 (2018/04)
High level appliance
Under counter appliances


Table of Contents

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