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Yamaha PC412-D Quick Start Manual

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Quick Start Guide
Guide de démarrage rapide
Guía de inicio rápido
Guia de início rápido
Guida rapida
Краткое руководство



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  • Page 1 Quick Start Guide Schnellstartanleitung Guide de démarrage rapide Guía de inicio rápido Guia de início rápido Guida rapida Краткое руководство...
  • Page 3 1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and 2) this device must accept any interference received including interference that may cause undesired operation. * This applies only to products distributed by Yamaha Corporation of America. (FCC SDoC) FCC INFORMATION (U.S.A.) 1.
  • Page 4: Precautions

    If you intend to use the product in an area other than in the one you purchased, the included power cord may not be compatible. Please check with your Yamaha dealer. • Check the electric plug periodically and remove any dirt or...
  • Page 5 When the internal battery needs to be replaced, “Low the cord can damage it. Battery” or “No Battery” will appear on the display. In this case, contact your Yamaha dealer and have qualified Location and connection Yamaha service personnel replace the internal battery.
  • Page 6 Purchaser/User Information specified in EN55103-2:2009. Conforms to Environments: E2, E3 and E4 Yamaha cannot be held responsible for damage caused by This is a class A product. Operation of this product in a residen- improper use or modifications to the product, or data that is tial environment could cause radio interference.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Introduction Thank you for purchasing a Yamaha PC-D series or PC-DI series power amplifier (see lineup table below). This product is a power amplifier used for fixed installations such as a hall or church, or for speeches or live events indoor or outdoor. This quick start guide is intended to be read by the installer or system designer;...
  • Page 8: Included Items (Please Check)

    ProVisionaire Amp Editor is software that lets you use your computer to construct, monitor, and control a system of network- capable amplifiers (such as the XMV series) including this product. ProVisionaire Amp Editor allows centralized monitoring or control of multiple connected devices. You can download ProVisionaire Amp Editor from the Yamaha Pro Audio website. Firmware updates This product is designed to allow its firmware to be updated in order to improve its operability, add functionality, or fix problems.
  • Page 9: Precautions For Rackmounting

    Precautions for rackmounting This product is guaranteed to operate in a temperature range of 0–40°C. If only this product is being mounted in an EIA standard rack, multiple units can be mounted without leaving space between them. If this product is being mounted in an EIA standard rack together with other devices, heat from each device might cause the temperature inside the rack to rise, preventing this product from operating to its full potential.
  • Page 10: Speaker Cable Selection

    Speaker cable selection WARNING The output jacks of the power amplifier carry high voltage. When connecting this unit to speakers, you must use cables that at a minimum satisfy the requirements of NEC (National Electrical Code) UL13 CL3 (300V or less). To minimize power loss or damping factor loss in speaker Load impedance (Ohms) cables, refer to the following table and use speaker cable of...
  • Page 11 q Dante [PRIMARY] connector WARNING Dante [SECONDARY] connector Do not touch the pins of unused channels, or allow These etherCON (RJ45) connectors allow connection with them to short. High voltage is present even at unused pins. Dante devices such as a CL series console using stan- dard Ethernet cables (CAT5e or better recommended).
  • Page 12 High-impedance connections NOTE (PC-DI series only) Rapidly turning the unit on and off in succession by power plug can cause it to malfunction. After turning the unit off by power The PC-DI series also supports high impedance (100V/70V plug , wait for more than five seconds before turning it on again. line).
  • Page 13: Settings On The Unit

    Settings on the unit About the front panel Selecting an amplifier preset Use the q MENU/HOME button located at the left side of the Five types of factory preset are provided. Recall an amplifier display to switch between the HOME screen and the MENU preset as appropriate for your system.
  • Page 14 EQ to add finish- The AMP PRESET screen appears. ing touches to the sound. For details on operation, refer to “PC412-D/PC406-D/PC412-DI/PC406-DI Owner’s Manual (HTML).” Volume operations In the HOME screen, press a channel select key to select the channel whose volume you want to control, and then turn the main knob.
  • Page 15: Returning To The Factory Settings (Initialization)

    Returning to the factory settings (initialization) There are two ways to initialize this product. Initialization by MENU screen  Initialization if you have forgotten the UTILITY  selecting INITIALIZE PIN code, etc. If you are unable to select INITIALIZE in the UTILITY screen, In the MENU screen, turn the main knob to select for example if you have forgotten the PIN code for the panel “UTILITY,”...
  • Page 16: Installing The Handles

    Enter the PIN specified for the panel lock function, Panel operations are not Panel lock is applied or if you have forgotten the PIN code, initialize the possible unit to defeat panel lock. If taking the above actions does not solve the problem, contact your Yamaha dealer.
  • Page 17: General Specifications

    General specifications PC412-D PC412-DI PC406-D PC406-DI Output power 16Ω 600 W × 4 600 W × 4 300 W × 4 300 W × 4 1kHz, non-clip, 8Ω 1200 W × 4 1200 W × 4 600 W ×4 600 W × 4 20 msec burst, 4Ω...
  • Page 18: Dimensions (English Only)

    Dimensions (English only) Dimensions Unit: mm...
  • Page 19 About Using BSD-Licensed Software The software used by this product includes components that comply with the BSD license. The restrictions placed on users of software released under a typical BSD license are that if they redistribute such software in any form, with or without modification, they must include in the redistribution (1) a disclaimer of liability, (2) the original copyright notice and (3) a list of licensing provisions.
  • Page 20 Об использовании лицензионного программного обеспечения BSD Программное обеспечение, используемое в данном устройстве, включает компоненты, соответствующие требованиям Программной лицензии университета Беркли (BSD). Ограничения, налагаемые на пользователей программного обеспечения, выпускаемого под лицензией BSD, включают следующее: если пользователи распространяют подобное программное обеспечение в любом виде, в том числе без изменений, они...
  • Page 21 Information for users on collection and disposal of old equipment: This symbol on the products, packaging, and/or accompanying documents means that used electrical and elec- tronic products should not be mixed with general household waste. For proper treatment, recovery and recycling of old products, please take them to applicable collection points, in accordance with your national legislation.
  • Page 22 Información para usuarios sobre la recogida y eliminación de los equipos antiguos Este símbolo en los productos, embalajes y documentos anexos significa que los productos eléctricos y electróni- cos no deben mezclarse con los desperdicios domésticos normales. Para el tratamiento, recuperación y reciclaje apropiados de los productos antiguos, llévelos a puntos de reciclaje correspondientes, de acuerdo con la legislación nacional.
  • Page 24 Jebel Ali FZE, Dubai, UAE Tel: +971-4-801-1500 PA53 Head Office/Manufacturer: Yamaha Corporation 10-1, Nakazawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, 430-8650, Japan (For European Countries) Importer: Yamaha Music Europe GmbH Siemensstrasse 22-34, 25462 Rellingen, Germany Manual Development Group Yamaha Pro Audio global website © 2019 Yamaha Corporation

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